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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Suicide → Female suicidal hanging (Video)

This female committed suicide by hanging. Neigbor reported a strange smell in Kobayashi District of Tokyo. This female died several days prior to her body discovery...

Video: Download "female_suicidal_hanging.wmv"

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Uwe Boll
i wish i didn't have downloaded this horrible video!
2009-01-29 10:42:26

2009-01-29 08:31:21

2009-01-29 08:04:03

Too bad that even in death, she has no peace. My
own mother hanged herself in desperation after
finding that my father was dying. I found her
myself, and I can only thank God there were no
video cameras around so pigs could mock her
painful passing. May they all rest in peace.
2009-01-29 06:25:38

nathan t doodoo
2009-01-29 02:42:48

god bless this poor girl,
even her dead body is on the net for fun for evil people...god bless her soul
2009-01-28 23:44:11

also pls do sex and enjoy with alive ones
you will do with death one's after your death lol!!!!! and there will be no turn back hehehe
2009-01-28 23:43:08

they must go to hospitals morg's for seeing dead pussy and dead tits
also they can smell death...
i bet most of them afraid to be near the death people lol...
2009-01-28 23:40:28

Kaylee Neville
Too many dumb necrophilian and racist idiots write here.
Yes, she's too nice to die that soon in such circumstances.
2009-01-28 20:45:58

nice tits but im more of a pussy man. why didn't they cut her pants of? I wander what a dead pussy smells like?
2009-01-28 19:26:40

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