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Friday, January 30, 2009

Accident → 2009 New Year party in...Bangkok

An Accident on 2009 New Year count down party in Zatika pub Bangkok, Thailand. 66 dead...

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zizi...shut up. and your written english is horrible.
2009-02-08 18:24:52

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i am so sorry for the innocent people who dead in gazza.
there is no good reason for killing innocent baybies, womans, mans...
2009-02-07 21:20:09

i'm gonna have to agree with 'depraved' and 'your mother'
lol :)
2009-02-07 19:26:22

Oh mature we are.....

Go to bed...its late..go sleep
2009-02-06 13:37:18

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2009-02-05 21:43:22

what a horrible accident
2009-02-05 21:29:39

@ Charonboat is the Scum of the depraved...
2009-02-05 09:35:39

Shut your Mouth!
What do you have against jews?
Did your Mother / Father shit in your Brain?
So much shit i never heard.
2009-02-05 09:29:46

Dam im not eating hotlinks again
2009-02-05 07:45:38

your mother
i'm gonna have to agree with depraved.
2009-02-05 00:29:01

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