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Friday, January 30, 2009

Accident → 2009 New Year party in...Bangkok

An Accident on 2009 New Year count down party in Zatika pub Bangkok, Thailand. 66 dead...

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so funny
2009-01-31 00:42:04

new pictures are really boring!!!
2009-01-30 23:12:03

I heard it was a vengance fire by a band of rogue DOGS...their getting tired of being eaten..WOOF WOOF
2009-01-30 22:18:45

If we hear in news,50 people died,we say: next tragedy,sad, but... see foto or video from tragedy pleace,its fucking diffrent thing ! What u say about Auschwitz... 3 milion...
2009-01-30 20:58:33

im a pussy
2009-01-30 20:28:11

to fdsfsfs, It was a nightclub, there weren't any children (unless you count the 17 year old who snuck in with a fake ID to enjoy a little new years cheer) It is very sad and hopefully people take it as a lesson to be aware of their surroundings. When you go to one of these huge clubs know where the exits are, and if people start lighting fireworks, or sparklers, or candles, or whatever, get the fuck out and go somewhere else!
2009-01-30 18:37:02

The song HOTTER THAN HELL comes to mind......
2009-01-30 17:50:31

omg that is soo sad like some ppl wanna poke fun at this but liek it sad lookign at a picture when u new there were probably children in there and just wow :(
2009-01-30 17:39:03

but seriously, same thing happened in the us. _fire
killed over 100 people including a member of Great White, th band whos pyrotechnics started the fire. The bands manager went to prison.
2009-01-30 17:03:41

one night in bankok and the worlds your oyster
2009-01-30 16:58:23

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