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Friday, January 30, 2009

Accident → 2009 New Year party in...Bangkok

An Accident on 2009 New Year count down party in Zatika pub Bangkok, Thailand. 66 dead...

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2009-01-30 15:55:39

El que no se masturbe con esto, es porque en un enfermo.
2009-01-30 15:14:41

to orgish pimp:_

who would light fireworks in any building!!! accident waiting to happen
2009-01-30 14:14:18

yummy!!! great shish-kebab!!!))))
2009-01-30 13:32:26

thats what god said drink not good just islam righte
2009-01-30 11:58:43

smiling skull
i wish u a merry xmas and a happy new year
2009-01-30 11:51:29

에휴... 새해 라고 들떠서 나이트에서 놀다가 저게 왠 변이래.. 안타깝네...
2009-01-30 11:14:44

The story was that their were hundreds of people in this club for the new years and the club has only three exits; no fire extinguishers or fire sprinkler systems in the building like us folks in the US and our safety rules. Who in the hell would light lots of fireworks in a unsafe building??? It's a fucking shame.... ALOT of wasted good pussy gone that night LOL....
2009-01-30 09:33:32

epic fail for the pub
epic win for spontaneous human combustion

2009-01-30 09:12:32

that's what happens when you play with fireworks and been on beers!
2009-01-30 05:48:25

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