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Friday, January 30, 2009

Accident → 2009 New Year party in...Bangkok

An Accident on 2009 New Year count down party in Zatika pub Bangkok, Thailand. 66 dead...

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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Georgio Valezqez
Imagine how painful that would be to your balls.
All slimy in there , too.
2011-07-16 20:46:43

take time to appreciate life.... ylro
2011-06-28 03:44:26

the roof
the roof.. the roof... the roof is on fire! we don't need no water let motherfucker burn! burn motherfucker burn!
2011-06-24 04:06:59

red sonja
crackers a stupid yank term wghat about coon thats a old aying probably dead racist but hey they call us white trash
2011-06-11 22:07:18

sadistico necrophilo
Stuped motherfuckers the word "cracker" its been used to describe whites in the south...look at history and you`ll see that the "cracker" was the majority of the times a black slave or a color person(mulatto)dat the slave massa put in charge of all the whipping and punishment of the black a days everybody born in the Southern US-IS A "CRACKER" white,black,brown, red...learn something you IGNORANT CRACKERS...ooops here I go again!!
2011-06-10 10:54:01

Yeah once they get that Sake in 'em they start dropping like flies.
2011-05-31 05:59:39

Brain-deadThirdWorldCountries you and your caucasian dudes got owwned by Whiteys are brain dead too !! hahaha

effin hilarious!!!
2011-03-13 10:04:41

must be horrible for the firemen etc. who
has to be there amongst the dead
2011-03-09 23:10:37

To miss what F eva
Dear miss What-eva

i´ll kill you with 88 stabs directly in your productive organs..

while you are alive i will carve a swastika sign in your face, because that is sensitive place.

when you are still breathing ill will inject blue substence in your eyes en soakh your hair in pure natriumhypochlorid..

i will film the proces and you will be on this site very soon...
or you just shut the fuck up dumbass bitch
2011-03-01 04:11:27

Miss What-eva
Hey I used to be a groupie for Great White, don't be dissin' was their manager.
2011-02-25 15:17:56

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