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Monday, February 2, 2009

Murder → Postcard

USA in the mid-20th century...

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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2020-02-06 18:12:46

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2020-01-21 01:04:12

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This is sad. Only demons who need
burning would do some shit like this.
2019-11-03 22:02:41

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Your mother was my favorite whore
2019-09-24 07:41:21

cute strawberry chan
kill me
2019-07-11 20:34:08

Ебанутые на всю голову
2015-10-12 11:31:23

Bo Bendtsen, Administrator

We have the technological means to extract your location from your computer. In other words we can find you.

Read the article 'suicidal death of the's "hacker" under the category 'suicide'. In 2009 a guy hacked our site. When we found him he shit his pants and commited suicide because he knew we were gonna do all sorts of nasty things to him.

Hint: In case your pea brain hasn't figured it out - some of the photos displayed are of people that I have killed personally. The hacker knew this and trust me he shit his pants!

Don't you even think of hacking this site! The person reading this message - in other words - YOU - might as well bend over so I can fuck you right up the ass!

DON'T YOU EVER FUCK WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2015-05-30 12:31:33

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