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Monday, February 2, 2009

Murder → Postcard

USA in the mid-20th century...

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Robbie V.
Well said chechen.
2009-03-08 04:14:09

Ham Fucker
Yawn,It wasn't funny the first time retardbilly
2009-03-08 04:11:25

LMFAO at "Otis". Someone told this nigger he was going to be in a bodybuilding contest with a free BBQ at the end of it all for the 1st place winner.
2009-03-05 17:54:07

Well, hell. Some minority type comes runnin' through my part of town wearin' a white mini skirt and no bra, I'd pull out a goldarn flamethrower snd torch em'too! Now pass me th BBQ sauce Bubba!
2009-03-02 11:47:11

Soon Russian will kill Americans, then
see how you fuse mother fucking pigs
2009-03-02 03:19:52

PS. and the funny part is that they dressed him / her after burning..
2009-02-28 20:48:36

Possible origin of BBQ...
2009-02-28 20:47:02

See... more racist idiots:) I can't help but to laugh that this POS is still alive and as ignorant as the scumbags who made this photo into a fucking mailer. LOL. Get a life dude, maybe one day You will see the "bigger picture"
2009-02-23 22:25:36

Tony K
Dragolas little lady,don't start a discussion with the adults,go back and play with your dolls like a good little girl.
2009-02-23 13:51:59

Cmon Tony K, its just a negroe. You can still tell, tho his baggy pants seem to have been burnt beyond recognition, and those filthy rednecks might have stolen his "bling bling" before torching him.
And as far as the relative thing goes, I woulnt worry. Most probably they were still up a banana tree back in Africa at the time.
2009-02-23 06:41:19

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