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Monday, February 2, 2009

Murder → Postcard

USA in the mid-20th century...

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Tony K
Hey FuckwittBilly;
"and it was a man hating feminist cunt like you who strung his ass up there"

You claim to be of "Higher intelligence" yet still you have no idea who I am.Even though that statement of yours is way off the mark,it's better than being a pig fucking toilet scrubbing janitor like you.People only have to go through this forum and read your posts to realise what a CUNT you are.
2009-02-05 10:17:32

Hey, "tonyk": "that's the remians of a mentally retarded 17 year old African American that was tortured and burned alive for an 'alleged' crime against a white woman."

You are god damned right about that and it was a man hating feminist cunt like you who strung his ass up there, so I don't want to hear any bitching and sobing over this postcard!

American women are hell bent on making life miserable for all men and on this principle there can be no compromise. Therefore, whenever one of your "black brothers" is put to death unjustly, I want you to contemplate all of the men who were cheated out of their assets in divorce court on that day, alone.
2009-02-05 00:55:22

Hey, "racist", make that a "well done" mentally retarded African American farmhand! (LOL!)
2009-02-05 00:35:20

"And people wonder why the rest of the world hates us". Jesus Christ, that's such a phoney remark.
Name one country in the world that doesn't have a history full of atrocity.
2009-02-05 00:32:23

And people wonder why the rest of the world hate us...............
2009-02-04 22:23:41

racist people suck ass
Jesse Washington was a mentally retarded African American farmhand from Waco, Texas. On May 15, 1916, after being convicted of the murder of a local woman, he was lynched and burned alive by a white mob, an incident known as the Waco Horror. The mutilation and burning of 17-year-old Washington received perhaps the greatest notoriety of the 492 lynchings known to have occurred in Texas between 1882 and 1930.

I read this before this picture was posted and I am appalled at how they* the beast* that killed this boy, thought that they were saviors, and doing justice, I hope that these men met their death's slowly as jesse did!
2009-02-04 22:15:47

Tony K
hödö,that's the remains of a mentally retarded 17 year African American boy that was tortured and burned alive for an "Alleged" Crime against a white woman.he was convicted on flimsy evidence.Good old U.S of A and their proud past....
2009-02-04 21:18:20

is there anyone exactly knows what is that
2009-02-04 20:40:02

thank you for good commment...
yours is the best
2009-02-04 13:12:53

2009-02-04 12:04:52

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