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Monday, February 2, 2009

Murder → Postcard

USA in the mid-20th century...

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no, mariscal... ots not a nigger... ists a burned nigger
2009-02-03 21:25:33


"Serbia, Bosnia, Russia spring to mind?" How about South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Ethiopia, and half a dozen other caribbean nations where the niggers live lower than dog shit and have to eat each other just to survive?
2009-02-03 20:02:29


"its part of SOME humans nature to act like this".

That's a true statement, but you don't hear white people bitching and complaining about how unfairly the black man has treated them. That was my original point. Niggers like "tony k" have made a franchise out of being neglected.
2009-02-03 19:55:17

This is a nigger?.
2009-02-03 19:48:23

hey:) americans are coming from muslimssssssssssssss????
2009-02-03 19:46:37

Sympathy onwhite_crime_coverup.php

If you think blacks are innocent, you haven't done your research. GUILTY AS CHARGED.... kill em all.

Blacks KILL 12 whites a day in the USA.
2009-02-03 19:41:19

Texas justice....gotta love it. Modern American Justice: Niggers don't harm anyone and the crimes they commit (more than ANY other race) are caused because nobody likes them.
2009-02-03 19:36:45

for all muslim haters,
i think all of them were muslim...
2009-02-03 19:09:50

Tony K
To Al Crawford,
There are several retarded morons that visit this site that not only give whites but the human race a bad name.There have been many horrors committed all over the planet by MAN since we first crawled out of the ocean and unfortunately it's part of SOME humans nature to act like this.What makes it worse are the arseholes like NurseBilly or Ham that try to justify acts like this(To both Blacks and Whites in NurseBilly's case)and spread more hate amongst decent people.Don't feel sad or ashamed about your white ethnicity,there are billions of decent whites to every cunt like the a fore mentioned 2.
2009-02-03 18:01:29

al crawford
crap like this gives the good white fokes a bad name
2009-02-03 15:35:04

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