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Monday, February 2, 2009

Murder → Postcard

USA in the mid-20th century...

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2009-02-03 13:29:25

Tony K
Some cunt white supremest accused blacks of behaving like animals and being uncivilised.Acts like this coupled with what has been happening in white European countries in the last few years(Serbia,Bosnia,Russia spring to mind)just goes to show the amount of hypocrisy these racist spew out.Now watch as a retarded fuckwitted poster called NurseBilly and his fag boyfriend Ham dominate this thread preaching hate to any other cunt that got ass raped by their hill billy fathers.
2009-02-03 12:48:36

Jesse Washington was a mentally retarded African American farmhand from Waco, Texas. On May 15, 1916, after being convicted of the murder of a local woman, he was lynched and burned alive by a white mob, an incident known as the Waco Horror. The mutilation and burning of 17-year-old Washington received perhaps the greatest notoriety of the 492 lynchings known to have occurred in Texas between 1882 and 1930.

I read this before this picture was posted and I am appalled at how they* the beast* that killed this boy, thought that they were saviors, and doing justice, I hope that these men met their death's slowly as jesse did!
2009-02-03 12:36:08

Anon hing,

I'm shocked and disgusted by the actions of or forefathers.
2009-02-03 11:25:36

steve- you're totally right. It's called
the pugilistic posture (boxers stance),
if my memory serves me right. Fire
causes the muscle fibers to contract. If
he had of been burnt further, his
forearms as well as his lower legs would
have fallen off.
2009-02-03 09:54:47

Studio prop? Could be fake....
2009-02-03 09:03:01

hey Nursebilly, it's about time you stop talking shit seriously.
2009-02-03 07:26:39

Hey NurseBilly the reason he is holding his arms up in a flexed position is because that's the way the human body reacts to burning to death. It does look like he's flexing his arms but it's a totally involuntary, reflex action.
2009-02-03 05:04:57

2009-02-03 03:49:19

this pic also appears in the book "A Spectacular Secret" by Jacqueline Denise Goldsby
2009-02-03 03:26:40

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