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Monday, February 2, 2009

Murder → Postcard

USA in the mid-20th century...

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here is another link to a picture of what the man is referring to as a "barbeque" this picture was taken the night before when they were burning Jesse Washington AAAAAAAAFH0/rqm1nPn0e2A/s1600-h/event_omaha_courth ouse_lynching.jpg
2009-02-03 03:22:25

did a little research. this postcard is part of an exhibit soon to be in atlanta, GA. The man in this picture is Jesse Washington and prior to setting him on fire they cut off his fingers, ears, nose, and genitals. This happened in Waco, TX in 1916. Postcards like this were very common back then and were deemed illegal in 1905 but people continued to send them anyway. Here is a link if anyone wants it. eather-is-nice-wish-you-were-here-for-the-lynching -that-is.html
2009-02-03 03:16:45


Someone told this nigger he would be attending a "Mr. Olympia" competition.(ROFLMFAO)
2009-02-03 02:48:02

Anyone can tell the real "NurseBilly" from all the nigger imposters who imitate him. Simply look for words like "pig", fag", and "white ass", used excessively.
2009-02-03 02:42:03

2009-02-03 02:37:05

KKK there are some nice pictures of burnt u.s. white fags that thought they could change the world,I'll post the link for your fag ass
2009-02-03 01:58:49

Its burning of a nigger and some of his body parts have broken down...simple
2009-02-03 00:45:14

/flex ?
2009-02-02 23:58:49

wow! first suckers
2009-02-02 23:58:19

any info about this pic?
2009-02-02 23:57:51

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