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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

War → Russians in... Chechnya

Those photo images of Chechen people murdered by Russian soldiers. Unofficial estimates range from 25,000 - 50,000 dead civilians in Chechnya during the Second Chechen War launched by the Russian Federation starting August 26, 1999, in which Russian federal forces largely re-took control of Chechnya.

The Chechen Republic is a federal subject of Russia. is located in the Northern Caucasus mountains.
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did they kill children ?
2009-07-30 00:13:43

Aleksei from Russia
Judging by your comments beasts are not Russian - you .. you're sick! I'm from Russia, I am a civilized person, I normally speak English .. Russia is not worse than the U.S. .. If you have forgotten, I remind you: United States started the war in Iraq, in Vietnam .. But I do not say the same: "United States-shit" And in general, that you judge Russia - you have to go there. Your stupid ideas about Russia is not correct.
2009-07-21 00:54:33

jew boy
oy vey those craze muslims

israel forever
2009-07-16 09:51:16

But why the soldiers on the upper photo are dressed Chechen Icelamic but not Russian Army uniform? There's obviously somthing wrong with your presentation.
2009-07-04 22:50:19

2009-07-04 16:16:50

to Vito:
As i know about much of "dedovchina" histories russian army is not completely sane, but this video is of coourse too much to be made by regulars. And really, regular forces do not wear such beards. But moslims - do! finally regular army soldiers are not stupid enough to film that, course they can be prosecuted. But terrorist are fond of making such videous "to make them fear"
2009-07-01 21:32:12

Yes, our soldiers don'r wear the uniform showed.
And take a look on the beard!!! No an Army which allow that.
Only mercenaries islamic warriors anywhere!
Our Army is in clear mind, for that it's a long term old jail to any soldier of RA.
2009-07-01 21:22:38

Guys, do you think regular troops wear such uniforms and are so untidy. That are terrorists in the video getting rid of captives - army soldiers. Stop bla-bla-bla
2009-07-01 20:38:10

Where is the pictures of beheading? The chechens very like to decapitate the P.O.W
Chechens - is moslem animals and savages. Stalin was right when he departed all chechens from Caucas
2009-07-01 15:02:10

usa gangsta
russia can suck my ballzzz this aint nothing..come 2 my hood u get ur whole hea blown off wit a bout that punk ass bitchess
2009-07-01 04:35:02

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