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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

War → Russians in... Chechnya

Those photo images of Chechen people murdered by Russian soldiers. Unofficial estimates range from 25,000 - 50,000 dead civilians in Chechnya during the Second Chechen War launched by the Russian Federation starting August 26, 1999, in which Russian federal forces largely re-took control of Chechnya.

The Chechen Republic is a federal subject of Russia. is located in the Northern Caucasus mountains.
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to Jew Boy
Prove any word you'd said. Come to Russia and get the ticket to hell you and your so-called nation deserved. Slavic people are great and always will be as no nation conquered our territory and people. Jew were shoemakers and their women were whores before WW2 as anyone can read in any historic account. Jews with German money took the control of the Russian empire in 1917. Jews were forced to leave Saint Petersburg and Moscow under Emperors rule. But they WE RETURN YOU BACK. Georgians, Armenians, Jews, chechens,ingushs and azeris MUST BE MASSACRED for crimes committed.
2009-04-17 08:54:23

Jew Boy
Hey Russian asswipe, (sorry most Russians don`t wipe their asses), I will shove my Hebrew fist so far down your big Slavic mouth you will taste the filte fish I had for dinner. Now knock the yamucle off my head. Come on fuck stick. I will shove my circumcized Yiddish cock staight up you borsh-eating asshole.
Chechens are Islamic pigs that need slaughter.
2009-04-17 01:33:17

Russia wants YOU to HELP
to T garden
Name the russians (by blood) who wanted the invasion of Poland. If you can't, I demand an apology for wrong information you imposed on me and my nation. As for russians, we deeply regret for the thing happened with our brother nation - the Poles. We will never forget the racially motivated crime committed against Slavic nations in Europe and worldwide. And moreover you can read in any book concerned with the Soviet Union the list of TOP members of the communist party. ALL OF THEM including Stalin ARE JEWS. (READ the patronimics and surnames in Wikipedia and you'll learn information any Russian knows). Blame Georgians, Armenians, Jews, chechens,ingushs and azeris. Today (16.04.2009) the anti-terrorist regime was lifted in Chechnia to allow the chechens kill our brothers to greater extent. P.S. I don't see russians on the picture.
2009-04-16 14:16:25

T garden
Crash wrote:
"@"the Josh". Obviously you're the product of an American education... Now, get a book, sit down and read it."


You must have had a Russian education. Wikipedia allows you to make changes to their articles as long as you can provide references. Why don't you fix this one: land_(1939)

Or maybe you can tell your version of WWII to the Poles: ml

Maybe you are unaware of friendly the Russian people were to Nazis. Here's a picture of your people helping the Nazis, forcing little girls stip naked before executing them: 4575c01.jpg?v=0
2009-04-15 18:25:43

russians are beasts, not human, and they call themselves pravoslavs - crap
2009-04-15 06:35:37

для кацапа
кацап, кацапа, (kassab - мясник) (). Шовинистическое обозначение русского в отличие от украинца в устах украинцев-националистов, возникшее на почве национальной вражды. «Проклятые кацапы едят щи даже с тараканами.» Гоголь.
2009-04-12 21:03:49

Russia wants YOU to HELP
They have luxury cars and free educations in any city of eastern Russia, they have money our tatar and jewish president and prime-minister gave them for nothing. The russians are denied well-paid jobs, free higher education and knowledge. You must know that everyone whose surname ends with 'in', 'ev' is NOT russian but either mordovian, tatar or jewish by birth. Much chechens and ingushs have 'ov' ending but the root of their surname has muslim meaning. Most armenians have 'yan' ending, so it's impossible to be mislead. ALL of them are rich with their guns, drug dealing, kidnappings, cottages, 7-12 children. DON'T GIVE THEM ANYTHING. So far, we demand our right to live and ask international community to kill them all.
p.s. don't you see the pictures do NOT contain RUSSIANS. (DON'T YOU SEE the skulls and the beards and the type of hair - very dark for native russian?)
2009-04-12 21:01:32

Russia wants YOU to HELP
We, the russian people by nation and birth, ask everyone to help us. These chechens and ingushs, azeris and armenians are breeding in this country too fast. Don't be mistaken, they take our universities, factories, firms, banks.
2009-04-12 21:00:59

Kill Da Chechen +100
2009-04-05 17:03:21

Why it is not written that it is corpses of the killed Chechen insurgents which ours to soldiers of a head cut = / if you think that Chechens such not wine-type in youtube Russian soldiers in the Chechen Republic
2009-04-05 17:01:39

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