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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

War → Russians in... Chechnya

Those photo images of Chechen people murdered by Russian soldiers. Unofficial estimates range from 25,000 - 50,000 dead civilians in Chechnya during the Second Chechen War launched by the Russian Federation starting August 26, 1999, in which Russian federal forces largely re-took control of Chechnya.

The Chechen Republic is a federal subject of Russia. is located in the Northern Caucasus mountains.
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finally, clever people entered the site:))
thank both of you for good comments
2009-02-11 12:27:46

I like how everyone is saying 'fuck this country', or 'fuck that country'! There are innocent people in every country, just as there are evil, hateful people in every country - and each of you are proving it.
2009-02-11 06:47:42

And to Lou- not all Islams are like that. Only the ones you find on sites like this one, and the ones documented in the mainstream media. Your ignorance is tragic. Islam is a religion like any other- it is the extremists that make you think what you do. Do you know how many people died in horrible ways in the name of 'God' during the Crusades? ...and they were "Christians". Millions of people have died in the name of nearly EVERY religion - so please do not generalize based on what the media tells you to.

I am not Islam.
I am not Christian.
I am not Hindu, or Catholic, or Mormon...

... I am just me. No wars will start over me.
2009-02-11 06:38:52

To those of you who insist aybody deserves this due to their nationality, creed, religious views, etc., it will be a hard day for you when you realize that it is people like yourselves that make this world such a dark, harsh place. No human should ever do these things to their fellow man.

2009-02-11 06:34:55

2009-02-10 15:51:14

Dear Zhe

I am agree with you, and thank you..
most clever and logical comment is yours.
This kind of things is not up to religions.They are up to humans, not to GOD.
Also Lou, my dad was historian, i read many
without accepting islam as a religion, you are saying 'i dont accept god', they are same...what a shame...
but muslims are always accepted the other prophets and religions.
Also, in the earth there is no innocent NATION, so shut up pls.
I really wonder that where indians live now? lol...what happened innocent black people??
there are a lot of example from the world.
killing with behading, or with burning
what is the diffrence????
if behading hurts, burning hurts too
but understanding that needs brain.

best wishes to all my muslim sisters and brothers.
2009-02-10 15:49:08

i agree with u lou
2009-02-10 14:27:40

80% of the wars on this planet involve.....ISLAM. So you better read thebook ZHE. kashmir, chechnya, thailand, indonesia, china, hell i cant even remeber em all. And Christian extremists dont behead people - daily - or fly planes into buildings. god i hate muslim apologists. please tell me, i beg of you - whatgood does islam bring to this world, huh? a religion that levies the death penalty to anyone that leaves it? thats not a religion, its a cult.
2009-02-10 03:47:20

@drlmg: That is the most ignorant shit I've ever heard. Your *instincts* are wrong. Chechens have historically been marginalized within Russian society. It just so happens they were not granted autonomy the the USSR split.

Various reasons provided the catalyst that made them want to achieve independence from Russia.

This has NOTHING to do with Muslims. It just so happens that the violence in todays world is flamed by extremist Muslims (There are extremist Christians that blow up abortion hospitals and tell fags to die too).

These extremists do not reflect the majority of the people who adhere to any religion.

Go read a fucking book or take a contemporary history class. It's obvious your knowledge is outdated and prejudiced.
2009-02-10 02:43:53

I don't know anything about this war but my instincts say the Chechen's are to blame and got what they deserved. If you look around the world it seems that Muslims are always starting wars and the big majority of all the wars and conflicts going on today can be attributed to Muslims if you look deep enough to the root cause of the conflict. Regardless of what it may appear to be on the surface.
2009-02-10 01:27:43

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