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Friday, February 6, 2009

Accident → Deadly gate

This young female died as a result from neck compression by... the automatic gate at her home!

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deeply disturbed
I dont normally look at this sort of stuff but tonight i stayed away from my usual browsing and ended up looking at stuff like this, i cant belive peoples comments, they show no compassion whatsoever (not every1 i know). To mock these poor souls after the pain and suffering they must have endured in the last moments of their life, You people are heartless. Have a nice life, because these poor souls wont.
2009-03-12 06:26:51

por estupida
stupid girld
2009-03-11 20:35:16

Big Lou
Hahaha what a retard how do u get in thatpostion
2009-03-11 06:44:52

Why does it seem that most of you morons can't seem to write at all. I know that I don't have perfect English or grammar myself, but jeez!!! It's as if you DON'T want people to have any idea what your trying to say, or that you want us to assume that you're complete dipshits.
2009-03-10 17:02:40

I think this stupid fucking lady probably committed suicide!!i mean come on how the hell do you not know that the gate if closing??!!
2009-03-04 03:24:24

2009-02-28 20:40:21

Automatic gate? Lazy people!
2009-02-28 18:32:54

Holy nut log Bat Man!
2009-02-28 04:02:56

I solved the case..It wasnt OJ it was the fuckin gate..
2009-02-27 07:40:48

So Quick to blame others or objects. Its the knife, gun, or gun makers. Lawsuit? Really, "gates aren't supposed to break our necks." Yes that's right, I am sure the gate was thinking to itself, "I sure hope that ladie sticks her head between my bars so I can break her neck."
2009-02-26 09:20:23

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