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Friday, February 6, 2009

Accident → Deadly gate

This young female died as a result from neck compression by... the automatic gate at her home!

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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ale glupia kobieta pewnie sie spieszyla
2009-02-20 11:37:23
fuck off the automatic gates !
2009-02-20 11:31:38

More like.. only a fucking blonde.
Probably thought the gate wanted a head job.
2009-02-19 15:33:11

that's the last time i'm going through a gate
2009-02-19 10:00:29

I still have to hit that if I was the coroner before I dissected her.
2009-02-12 16:24:08

Rex razor
What a waste of a piece of fuckable meat
2009-02-12 08:17:59

hmzz damz
2009-02-11 16:49:00

Alexander the great
Because only americans are stupid enough to die like that...
2009-02-11 16:30:12

How do you even know she's American you idiot. Geesh, the more Euro/Aznfags talk shit about Americans, the stupider they sound.
2009-02-10 18:57:21

There should have been a safety mechanism that caused the gate to open if after a certain amount of force was applied and the gate still wasn't shut all the way.
Like electric car windows now, if you roll them up and it doesn't shut after a certain amount of force is applied it automatically rolls back down.

To all the smartasses, I know you don't actually "roll" an electric window up or down but what would you call it?
2009-02-10 01:19:48

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