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Friday, February 6, 2009

Accident → Deadly gate

This young female died as a result from neck compression by... the automatic gate at her home!

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dumb slutlol too much bleach n not enough
brains! would of been great to see the actual video:)
2012-07-16 16:50:57

2012-05-31 15:34:31

2012-05-08 12:15:45

Forrest Gump
Stupid is as stupid does, sir
2012-04-29 01:11:37

Is this pic for real? Oh my God. What's her
head stuck in between the bars for?
Something is wrong with this picture. It was
probably her fault. As usual, people don't heed
danger warnings
2012-04-12 09:03:18

dumb ass bitch.
2012-04-12 04:50:35

Stupid is as stupid does. I bet she also tried to beat trains also. God forbid she just reopen the gate instead of trying to squeeze threw before it completely closed.
2012-03-12 14:53:38

The gate she bought, to keep the negroes
at bay, ultimately led to her death
2012-03-09 08:19:37

the gates of hell,full of greif and goes in...& no-one comes out. the next set of gates will be the pearly ones...she'll be more carefull next time!
2012-02-13 09:23:54

freeze assholes
stuck up yuppy bitch
2012-02-07 02:25:54

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