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Friday, February 6, 2009

Accident → Deadly gate

This young female died as a result from neck compression by... the automatic gate at her home!

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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this is how rich housewives kill themselves
2011-09-18 17:10:52

I thank you for that comment. My thoughts exactly.
2011-09-10 17:46:40

Oddly enough in the photo, frame 2.51 right
next to her is a crush point warning sign.
Mabie she could not read. What a waste.
2011-07-30 08:19:51
2011-07-20 02:22:25

Blonds a retarded failed speices of primate
2011-07-07 12:14:44

Are you fuckwits completely empatheticless? I have no illusions of MY insignificance in the great scheme of things, but I still have a respect for the dead.

You people are scum, and whilst I'm certainly no saint, I know for sure I'm a better person than anyone who doesn't feel any kind of emotional response from seeing someone dead.

Perhaps these articles should fill you with a sense of respect for the life you have, instead of belittling the dead for your own beyond pathetic amusement, or sick sense of superiority and empowerment.

2011-07-01 00:22:21

Do you do-gooders really care? No, every death you acknowledge will be forgotten soon enough and you will be back leading your pointless selfish lifes.
2011-06-29 14:25:13

this was probably some rich bitch about to cheat on her 109 year old husband with some mexican pool boy. she looked out the gate to see his little dick and blam! hehe
2011-05-23 03:54:24

please dont disrespect the dead you dumbass emo-fuck or whatever you are..

dont say you can fuck em...thats just sick man fuck off with that necro shit,
have you ever seen a dead person behave your mom or grandma dammmmnnn...

easy to fuck... ill rather rape your dumbass that fuck a dead person have a little bit respect to the dead mother fucking necros!!! joking about to rape it was mather of... i think.. bad english greets from europe biaatisch!!!
2011-03-01 03:56:14

poor girl hope that she wont make the same mistake at the gates of walhalla, or others, we hope there are gates...

for the fucks who are so sure, shut the fuck up, kill yourself to prove it..
joking the dumb fuck will even do that..

but its very sad that the gate sys. doesn´t have a pressure controle that wil push away while there is abstruction, a lot sys have these kind of checks, this is one of these russian or dumbass hydraulic lock sys, i have seen them on work, a colli broke his arm with this shit very saddddd... dumbass didnt retrect his arm in the moment of CLASH!!!! boom arm broketet on video hahahah... but still sad

greets a security motherfucker of europe.. say bullcrap but ya momma or sister will f this handsome europe Fucka!!!! greets from holland!!!

2011-03-01 03:49:33

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