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Friday, February 13, 2009

Accident → Resuscitation attempt (Set 1)

Paramedics are frantically trying to resuscitate a teenage girl who was hit by a car.

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Real human
@noelondole uk, very nice to see a comment that
shows some human kindness and sympathy. I
can't help what find of insufferable creature would
right so many of these cruel disgusting things I
have seen on this sight about real tragic agents
that could happen to any one of us or are families.
2012-02-09 00:57:08

2012-02-06 18:47:20

noelondole uk
This poor unfortunate girl and her
companion look beyond all help. May
they rest in peace however they died.
Eternal rest please grant unto them O
Lord and let thy perpetual light shine
on them. May they rest in peace amen.
I think there are a lot of sick people
who can find anything amusing about
this. This young girl has been struck
down in the prime of her life - so
2012-01-03 00:03:13

I hope it was painful. No more fuckn cunt.
2011-10-28 05:18:18

dear gerrard ma vai a fare in culo triste depravato
2011-10-24 21:37:35

i like it!! am i more this capture?she very sexyful dying!!
2011-08-08 10:28:03

Fuck every pervert here
2011-08-02 17:33:18

@Voz, humanity no matter what happens will never be true so why dont you stop being a whinny bitch and enjoy death, considering it is the only TRUE thing in this world
2011-07-13 07:38:02

The people trying to make jokes of the shit on this site are the reason humanity hasn't achieved its full potential.
2011-07-01 00:13:11

She was probably a fag anyway.
2011-05-31 06:07:39

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