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Friday, February 13, 2009

Accident → Resuscitation attempt (Set 1)

Paramedics are frantically trying to resuscitate a teenage girl who was hit by a car.

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me chinese me play trick
doesnt anyone where fucking shoes there? fuckin EMT'S with sandals...turd world shit
2009-02-23 17:01:46

2009-02-23 09:48:58

it looks more like she was shoot by a gun rather than hit by a car, look at 2 bullet hole on her back body..
2009-02-22 12:46:15

your "sources" are always wrong.
She is being printed and CSIed
2009-02-21 06:50:56

Many people here are pervert they just visit this site for fun!,.. death isnt dudes!,.. and dont make fun to the dead!,. remember what goes around comes around,.. i think youll gonna enjoy ur stay in HELL someday!,..
2009-02-20 04:18:39

you mofos here are sick disgusting fucks. Madman, ? you would've shot her with your load. I like to see you say the same shit when I do that to your mom. Like I said what's the fucking fascination with this one dead chink girl?... They are like filthy animals, why get turned on by those stupid skinny slopeheads?...
2009-02-19 01:13:32

I would have shot her...with my load hahahahahaha.
2009-02-18 14:28:01

cazzo!!! a volte la vita finisce troppo all'improvviso :(
2009-02-16 08:23:06

2009-02-16 05:24:02

what a waste of a hot chick. stray bullets sucks ass
2009-02-16 01:11:33

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