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Monday, February 16, 2009

Accident → Tropical Storm Hanna (Haiti, 2008)

Hurricane Hanna was the eighth tropical cyclone and fourth hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season. At least 537 deaths have been reported, mostly due to flooding in the northern part of Haiti, making it the deadliest tropical cyclone in the Atlantic basin.

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Sounds like you have issues.
2011-11-14 13:56:11

they look so yummy like that ready to fuq and eat.
2011-10-20 08:14:35

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IuP7OX I am glad that your blog is constantly evolving. Such posts only gain in popularity!...
2011-09-29 03:03:19

miss monster
hay Jessica, im with you kid!!!! very elequantly put. NICE
2011-09-29 02:56:39

These are not Haitians, they look indians. Look at their hair.
2011-07-08 15:16:05

They sure ain't first nations they don't look anything like them i'm half first nation
2011-06-30 10:01:35

Who gives a shit about america (talking about usa) Canada is the best and where i live i don't have 2 worry about huricans, tidel waves or tornados
2011-06-30 09:58:54

Somtimes i mistaken my adopted son for my dad
2011-06-30 09:55:28

Just because you post a fake name to make all these
nasty comments doesn't take away all the things
you've just done to your morality.
2011-05-22 23:24:43

regular guy
seriously fuck all you who post dumb shit about this there human beings little kids for god sake, sure mock other nations and make fun of the dead kids but when shit hits america oh poor kids fuck you ignorant bastards if u have kids and yet you make fun of this then you really are not a human being and are a dumbfuck who has no symphaty for others see you in hell bastards ill be there watiting for you.
2011-05-01 01:04:26

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