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Monday, February 16, 2009

Accident → Tropical Storm Hanna (Haiti, 2008)

Hurricane Hanna was the eighth tropical cyclone and fourth hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season. At least 537 deaths have been reported, mostly due to flooding in the northern part of Haiti, making it the deadliest tropical cyclone in the Atlantic basin.

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To "Nate": Grow up. Why are you here then? Why, if you are so shocked, then post such a comment? Really your kin makes me madder than those ignorants who post "harsh comments" lemme tell ya somethin', most of those guys are nothing but losers and some really are heartless. how do we sort out the lairs? well, we don't. That's why I comment.
2009-03-06 23:10:03

I hope I never have to go into a room full of bodies looking for my family members or friends. I think this site promotes an appreciation for life as it says rather than making a spectacle of the suffering of others. I know it keeps me appreciative of my life and also makes me more cautious.
2009-03-05 17:21:28

小朋友从小都要学着保护自己,安全 一
2009-02-24 11:44:19

for you: Slashignore

2009-02-22 20:26:19

awesome, lifei is shit
2009-02-21 20:29:51

me chinese me play trick
who cares where they are from? its the death and destruction everyone comes here to see...its the fucking internet, dont believe everything you read...turd worlders...jezus h...fuck me running
2009-02-20 22:02:16

you cunts
2009-02-20 21:47:21

i see these picture and think to myself how some people can be so sick to coment such harsh things but then i understand that i too am on this very site looking at these very pictures,is this world slowliy turning into a living hell , when will this end ,somethng must save us

god bless :)
2009-02-20 21:46:53

this picture is not from Haiti, this is bangladesh, india or possibly sri lanka.
2009-02-20 07:27:37

USA is Gay and Mad Dog
thank you:) hehehe
i kiss both of you
2009-02-19 16:42:03

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