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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Accident → Hurricane Gustav (Haiti, 2008)

Hurricane Gustav was the seventh tropical cyclone, third hurricane and second major hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season. Gustav caused serious damage and casualties in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Cuba and the United States.

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damn thats just messed upp
2012-02-22 02:21:32

a mama
Oh sweet babies. Kisses. Blessings
2012-02-18 04:46:46

I cant belive u all bring ur politics
here. COMON, let ppl have some fun. :3
2012-02-16 17:35:53

Poor kids , I wish they wouldn't of went through
all that pain
2012-02-13 04:05:20

From the looks and grammar of the following comments, it looks like your all raised in the streets, and diserve to be educated. Of course your all retarded, or else you would be active in the American government in order to prevent "money" problems.
2011-11-15 05:45:49

Hate me all you want but niggers get whats cuming to them. Fuck in peace chillin.
2011-10-28 05:39:22

Lil one in the middle is still nice and tight
2011-10-05 15:17:02

miss monster
and hey GIRL, fuck you, maybee next time a nat. dis. wipes out wherever thefuck your at it will be one of our men or women pulling ur stupid ass out from under a fuckin wall, maybee even me.
2011-09-29 02:54:57

miss monster
weve all got problems, i am strait up american, but i know were not perfect, im pretty sure if we stopped funding some of the dumb shit like congresses $165 doller muffins and used that to clear the areas we know get worst hit by this crap, we could do so much more good. but then again whenever a less fortunate country does get hit with this kind of tragedy we come running with both arms out with cash medicine food whatever, then when its all over....who comes to our side when were down?? tu shay.
2011-09-29 02:52:24

its ok, its just Haiti...too much black magic? or maybe just too much black in the world lol
2011-09-26 06:25:23

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