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Friday, February 20, 2009

Medical → Lobotomy

A lobotomy is a neurosurgical procedure, a form of psychosurgery, also known as a leukotomy. Lobotomies were used mainly from the 1930s to 1950s to treat a wide range of severe mental illnesses, including schizophrenia, clinical depression, and various anxiety disorders.

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Third post: "Hey, "jackthebullshitter": "Half of my heritage?" I've looked through all of my family photo albums a dozen times and all I remember seeing are white faces.

I can happily trace my heritage all the way home to Ireland, unlike your typical black bastard living in America who doesn't even know his father's nickname.

Fly over to Ireland and count the number of black faces you see, then come back here and tell me who the "halfbreed" is.

Ireland has 4 things that scare all the niggers away- seafood, cold weather, expensive beer, and ocean on all sides. LMAO!" Here I partially agreed with you because Irish do have a dark history.
2009-03-17 21:04:44

Second comment from Nursebilly: "Hey, what's your problem Merulaae? You would be just as angry as I am at niggers if your mom was raped resulting in me being born. Jackass!" I said I wasn't a jackass and disscused why you are being a baby.
2009-03-17 21:03:28

nursebilly original post:"We should perform lobotomies on all the nigger criminals in prison, no excuses.

Roll call, head shave, shower, prison uniform, and lobotomy. Turn them all into stoner goth bitches like the one in the last photo.

I'll bet you crime on the streets would drop like a whale turd in the ocean." nothing to argue because it's a point of view that describes what you think it's right.
2009-03-17 21:01:26

i kiss skulls
wow nursebilly, do u just use this forum to taunt and get into fights with ppl as you're demasculazied and ridiculed at work or something? you must have a female boss that rides your ass everytime you do so much as take a 10 min break. Look, i'm gonna break it down real simple, we're just here to see the pics and make comments on the pics. what a novel idea! try thinking about it sometime. and talk to your friends and family if you want an ongoing dialogue, don't look for it on these boards...unless you have no friends and family, than i really can't be of any help!
2009-03-17 00:56:49


2009-03-15 21:30:47

Rape Donkey Dave
corpserape brings up a good point...what's up with the chick? i don't know but I'd fuck her with a knife
2009-03-13 03:55:36

Okay, "Merulaae", argue against one thing I've written that isn't true. No profanity, no insults, just show me where I'm wrong.
2009-03-13 03:34:19

whats with the chick....?
2009-03-12 00:06:54

hahaha He said I had no argument! Wow, you never cease to amuse me, NurseBilly.
2009-03-10 12:52:28

Nursebilly's Father
I'm sorry son, I don't want your mulatto hateful ass your mom was sweet but dry as a bone I had to spit on it. As your father I advise you to shut the fuck up.
2009-03-09 23:58:52

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