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Monday, February 23, 2009

Medical → Breast cancer relapse

Breast cancer incidence in the USA: 204,999 per year, 17,083 per month, 3,942 per week, 561 per day, 23 per hour, 0 per minute, 0 per second.

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hey guys please remove this pic
2012-04-14 11:05:20

how is it possible
2012-04-14 11:04:37

ew ?sick
2012-04-05 20:57:27

To Steve,

To a certain degree, the guy under me is correct. Poor people can get free medical care in America, or for very little money, but only from certain facilities, and only if you make under (about) 30,000 dollars. If you make anything over that and get sick, these programs will not take you. So if you get sick like this woman(cancer) and make too much money, you are screwed! So don't let Republicans fool you. In some ways, America is not all it's "cracked" up to be.

Source, personal experience.
2012-03-03 19:28:39

@steve. Anyone can go to any hospital and
receive medical attention at any time for any
reason. There are even special centers that are
for cancer patients that are low cost or free of
charge. Don't know where you get your info
but you are very misinformed. As for living in
the UK, at least we don't have to buy a license
to watch live tv and still have the right to
protect ourselves. Glad I live in the US. This is
surely a case of "I read it on the internet so it
must be true"
2012-01-04 18:40:38

we all have a female relative and i wouldnt wish this on any of them my aunty died of this shit
2012-01-03 06:02:15

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2011-11-21 07:03:26

Her left boob is missing
2011-10-07 00:27:29

miss monster
im the last woman in my family due to b.c., this looks like an infection
2011-09-29 02:44:55

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DLwjDR Scribbler, give me a student's record-book!)))
2011-09-28 00:21:38

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