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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Accident → Car was crushed by a truck

Car was crushed by a truck while pasing an intersection.

Video: Download "accident_intersection.wmv"

Everybody died in the hit car.

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i saw this on TruTv. two stupid ass teens stole a lawn mower or four wheeler. karma got them quick.
2010-10-18 06:02:04

Falun donk
Was 2 teens running from a robbery.
Truck 2, Bonnie and Clyde duo, 0
2010-10-01 01:27:29

holy shit!
2010-09-11 02:25:01

2010-08-28 08:12:50

drlmg, look at the video and you can see the lawmower
2009-07-13 19:02:44

incrocio no sorpass is imbecill
2009-06-29 03:04:05

ok im srry but dude that was kinda funny.
2009-05-29 00:34:19

lawnmowers? really?
2009-05-24 21:50:39

I know the TMC driver and this accident really shook him up. Totally flattened the truck/mower and ejected the female psgr. (Stole the JD riding mower for a Lowes or Home Depot, male had quite a criminal record) I don't fully recall, but I think the boyfriend had to be cut from the flattened truck. The stills were horrible, glad the deputy's tape only shows part of the scene.
2009-04-22 01:14:33

However, after looking at the second picture again I don't see any lawnmowers on the truck. They said on a program on Court TV it was hauling lawnmowers.
2009-02-03 19:33:18

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