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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Medical → Impaled

This 32-year old male fell from a tree on a vertical metal rod in his garden. The rod entered his scrotum making an exit above the left clavicle.

He underwent an emergent surgical intervention by a team of cardiothoracic, vascular and abdominal surgeons. Longitudinal sternotomy and laparotomy allowed surgeons to remove the metal rod carefully with no severe signs of injuries of abdominal and thoracic organs. There were no surgical postoperative complications. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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2019-08-23 00:20:19

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2019-08-11 21:47:11

cute strawberry chan
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2019-07-11 20:27:09

Concerned Citizen
I feel dizzy
2019-06-15 05:11:27

concerned citizen
This site is awful. The pictures and videos on this site are horrible!
2018-02-28 00:44:38

That would have made Vlad the Impaler proud!
2016-05-03 14:32:40

Fuck me up the ass!
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Alan Finch, sex change survivor
My story is bizzarre but interesting:

I was born male but at age 21 I took the name Helen and changed my sex and became a woman. Unfortunately during the operation I experienced 'anesthesia awareness'. In other words my brain was awake. It was the worst pain, you couldn't imagine my suffering. I felt every cut of the blade as the doctors removed my genitals. I also heard them making jokes. Every cut was excruciating. Eventually I decided to return to my birth gender but I will never regain what I've lost both physically and psychologically.

I need to know if you have a similar story. Share your story.
2014-08-22 10:41:42

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