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Friday, February 27, 2009

Medical → Soft tissue sarcoma of the hand

Soft tissue sarcoma is a rare deadly type of cancer.

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Paul R Wilson
OK, there are too many sophomoric comments made just for shock purposes -and worse are unprovoked anti-Semitic or racist remarks. What has the above to do with Jews? Bad enough that the guy got this cancer -what set it off ?
CharonBoat should screen comments for "inappropiate comments" like many other sites do. Otherwise it may have to get user-hostile -like asking for "usernames" and "passwords" which I do NOT have:something wrong with my laptop...
2009-05-01 04:28:53

Shut the fuck up, Jew hater. No one gives a shit.
2009-04-20 11:51:16

Jew hater
i hate Jews,i hate the colours of there off white skin,i hate the way they act and dress ,i hate there beards,but most of all i hate the way some people from eastern Europe claim to be Jew and there not even from the region it originated...robbing bastards
2009-04-18 19:22:49

Jew Boy
Oh yeah that nigga won`t be holding on to any food stamps nor welfare checks with `dat hand.
Slip me 5 sista`!
2009-04-18 01:31:21

Jew Boy
Hey Lop Jobba, lop on my circumcized Yiddish cock and lop on my matzah balls!
2009-04-18 01:29:25

Lop Jobba
The comments on this site are more disgusting than the pictures.
2009-04-10 13:11:47

lol she laughs becouse that hand thing is happening to a fucking nigger :D:D hehe,it makes me laugh so hard when i see that fucking nigger's hand haha
2009-04-10 12:21:35

Take a moment to appreciate life!
2009-04-08 12:44:18

John E Santa
hey can you smile? yes you, fucking white bitch in pic 4. that's not funny scene
2009-04-08 12:18:03

Paul R Wilson
I wonder what set off the blighted cells to grow like that and refuse to stop. I also wonder if the child had a genetic defect that prevented the immune system from destroying the mutated cells when they first appeared.In all cases of childhood cancer, a DNA mapping should be done to determine if a defective gene is responsible for a cancer to start (leukemia, etc.) and then to determine if a child is at risk to develop this disease.
2009-04-01 18:57:39

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