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Friday, February 27, 2009

Medical → Soft tissue sarcoma of the hand

Soft tissue sarcoma is a rare deadly type of cancer.

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Lop Jobba
The comments on this site are more disgusting than the pictures.
2009-04-10 13:11:47

lol she laughs becouse that hand thing is happening to a fucking nigger :D:D hehe,it makes me laugh so hard when i see that fucking nigger's hand haha
2009-04-10 12:21:35

Take a moment to appreciate life!
2009-04-08 12:44:18

John E Santa
hey can you smile? yes you, fucking white bitch in pic 4. that's not funny scene
2009-04-08 12:18:03

Paul R Wilson
I wonder what set off the blighted cells to grow like that and refuse to stop. I also wonder if the child had a genetic defect that prevented the immune system from destroying the mutated cells when they first appeared.In all cases of childhood cancer, a DNA mapping should be done to determine if a defective gene is responsible for a cancer to start (leukemia, etc.) and then to determine if a child is at risk to develop this disease.
2009-04-01 18:57:39

does anyone know if it was a girl or boy?
2009-03-28 16:12:11

Dawg eat dawg
2009-03-20 15:57:24

Fur is Murder
Imagine jacking off with that.
2009-03-20 06:13:30

thanks for the link of porco dio mamma mia
2009-03-19 16:23:55

type me up
that white girl in fourth picture should be shot. She is posing and by the look of her facial muscle moving, this bitch is definitely smiling. What's so fucking funny about this. This is sad picture. You can see even though her mouth is covered, the look of her face shows intense racist malicious hate towards black people
2009-03-19 06:03:35

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