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Monday, March 2, 2009

Murder → Another violent child abduction and murder

This child was brutally murdered, beheaded and dismembered.

There are nearly 800,000 children reported missing each year in the USA (a child goes missing every 40 seconds in the U.S.; more than 2,000 per day), of which 56% are recovered alive, 40% are killed
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This is very sad for any normal person.
Only garbage is different.
2018-02-10 12:47:16

Death Wish
Where's Charles Bronson when you need him?
2017-12-10 06:32:09

Hung Daddy
Can you imagine how horny it would make
daddies if the only most innocent thing
in the world that depends on you &
ultimately loves you & calls you daddy
you get to rape and torture and murder
and mutilate pervertedly one day?
2017-07-23 15:04:20

Hung Daddy
I would love to do that to atleast one
of my daughters one day. I would believe
that it would make most men feel
fantastic & unbelievably horny seeing as
most boys and most men's strongest
sexual craving and most favorite sexual
fantasy is a daddy-daughter fucktoy
fantasy or a sick sex slave rape &
torture & perverted murder sex slave
fantasy so you think combining the two
most well known top sickest sex
fantasies would be most guy's favorite
thing in the world. It is my & most guys
sickest heavenly dream & I think that it
should be allowed between consenting
adults & I think that it is a good thing
& gives the most undeniable heavenly
perverted feeling & that it is
definitely what most little girls &
daughters were made for - & should
definitely be used for.
2017-07-23 15:03:56

Fuckmeat pervert
Awe poor baby. God damn her sexy little
pink fuckmeat skeleton had really gave
me a complete erection. I think it s
cute how her bones are kind of in a pile
& are laid out like that. What a lucky
boy & sick pervert- to this day it
probably still makes him feel sooo sick
& perverted & probably still grows his
2017-07-23 13:34:24

Why kids and the innocent?
2017-04-15 11:05:13

damn son
2017-02-14 19:50:45

He'll man
She deserves it she's a piece of shit I
would fuck her dead pussy over and over
2016-10-28 10:59:10

This is a message to any perverted violent sick pieces of god damn motherfucking shit out there including the ones looking on this sight. You are fucked, only GOD can save you, but I bet many of you have done some really awful, perverted and violent shit in your lives to the point to where GOD has abandoned you. And no matter what you do from this point forward, your soul is already damned to hell, a place that is far more unimaginably horrifying that even the sickest shit that all of you have ever done seem like heaven. And the devil will laugh as you suffer and not even have the slightest bit of sorrow for all of you. Suicide itself is a major sin and can send you straight to hell, but since many of you are already on your way over there, you might as well already do it. And if you have any sick friends that would love to record your death with a high quality audio and video, then please do that so your friends can post it online that way everybody can watch.
2016-10-28 10:19:50

I understand that there is violence that humans commit upon them. But once you get more of an insight and realization as to how people can be brutally murdered, especially just a kid, then fuck the whole animal slaughter thing.
2016-10-28 10:06:16

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