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Monday, March 2, 2009

Murder → Another violent child abduction and murder

This child was brutally murdered, beheaded and dismembered.

There are nearly 800,000 children reported missing each year in the USA (a child goes missing every 40 seconds in the U.S.; more than 2,000 per day), of which 56% are recovered alive, 40% are killed
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2014-08-21 19:23:23

2014-07-25 02:31:24

I am mortified and I don't believe in violence against people or animals. But its time to hunt these sick people so called serial killers and child molesters and put them out of the miserary they put onto their victims and family's and society in general. You are sick animals that need to be eliminated from this world from the ones trying to live in peace.
2014-07-15 03:44:11

Hey Satan go fuck yourself you sound one of these sick fucks that would do this to a child. Your type need to be hunted not the other way around maybe its time we hunted you instead. Fuckhead give your head a shake to make statement like that about a murdered child or anyone for that matter.!!!!!!
2014-07-15 03:36:18

Lover of the light
May that lovely child rest in peace. whoever did this,
deserves the highest of pain.
2014-07-10 05:59:33

Maybe if women would be a bit more nice to
men then men would not have to commit
these horrific deplorable attacks on
children ;p
2014-06-29 13:22:10

if only some people would get their priorities
straight and focus more on children than stupid
abused animals, then maybe these horrific
deplorable attacks on children might decrease a
little. children are completely helpless. at least
an animal has a chance at defending
2014-06-26 18:37:36

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