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Monday, March 2, 2009

Murder → Another violent child abduction and murder

This child was brutally murdered, beheaded and dismembered.

There are nearly 800,000 children reported missing each year in the USA (a child goes missing every 40 seconds in the U.S.; more than 2,000 per day), of which 56% are recovered alive, 40% are killed
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It`s wright muslim`s dinner!
I eat it every day!
2009-11-04 14:37:34


This fucker should be buried alive, definitely!
2009-10-31 21:05:23

This is part of the reality that the world wants to sweep under the rug.
As long as we ignore it it wont go away.
2009-10-28 13:07:36

"Fuckers like these deserve a lifetime of hard labor in a jail with no chance of parole. Not even for good behaviour."

Not even for good behavior, you think? People like this don't deserve prison, they deserve to be tortured for long periods of time, or burned alive, etc.
2009-10-28 11:21:56

This should be posted so the world would know that there are brutall monsters out there ready to pounce on your child and relish the act of torture and molestation. Fuckers like these deserve a lifetime of hard labor in a jail with no chance of parole. Not even for good behaviour.
2009-10-24 06:10:20

Yeah i think this should be iligal to put this stuff up
its shown to yeah welll apreshiate life! be happy this isnt u
but ur fucking sick to say that
and id love all of u who sed id fuck her or w.e to be brutaly murderd how she was. :/
2009-10-24 01:59:12

e uno trafottutissimo atto di razzismo..e chi ha ucciso non e ne islamico ne musulmano ci sono altri video che lo provano..quella bimba se guardate il foto tipo e dell islam..ora mi chiedo??vuoi vedere che c e qualche stato che da carnefice vuol farci credere di essere vittima??fattosta che chi la uccisa non e musulmano assolutamente!
2009-10-19 20:13:52

Okra Winfuck
Oh look! He lovingly deboned her!

How utterly KFC!!!
2009-10-19 06:21:00

elizabethann lopez
i would like to know what tribe was convicted and how long term is it to know there is more,how far apart is it to know would they be compared as favoritizim for other tribes and there husband to get more of her jeoulous of each others flirts and would one be safe from it and would she get more out of it by owning it to her own satisfaction of water for more and what would babies do to this parts and would you be a friend or enemy for dishwashers of a car you know your riddle of choice. are they playing around to seduce a child of a grown up.would you like to meet me yeah and would like to seduce you for some reality music,it comes already and done fo some music and our ear of a tribe so wierd but annoying it to start staying home and act like hangover the nextday,sorry it goes all day and they shure whore of some thiming heart isin it.would like to find and recieve you for some polish.
2009-10-14 21:00:34

oh god!!! what i wouldnt give to fuck that glorious little head! its portable, i could take it around my house and fuck that face until the skin rotted off, i guess i would have to start wearing a condom and spraying the head with air fresheners after a few days though....
2009-10-13 17:50:46

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