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Friday, March 6, 2009

Accident → Severely injured girl

This unhappy girl was severely injured in a road traffic accident.

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Text: urder_hammer_video_with_substitle
2009-03-13 19:37:21

Killface Dave is quite a loser. I hope he gets hit by a car. Today.
2009-03-13 19:29:44

oh my god
2009-03-13 14:22:51

hymen slayer
your right uncle cracker
2009-03-13 12:45:25

hahaha bitch! they should show pictures like this to little kids, that would get those little bastards to look both ways before crossing the street
by the way she's got a nice ass for a dead bitch
2009-03-13 03:35:40

John Lennon
I don't see an obvious deadly injury.
I only see other people watching and refusing to help her. This is what you all poor brains playing with your dirty dicks by watching bad pics should ask yourself: Would you be able to help her?
2009-03-12 22:55:06

Well, I am SOOO glad she is only injured. Hate to see here die. LOL.
2009-03-12 00:28:09

to:learn to write
it's "you're" not write a check with your mouth your ass can't cash

Why does it seem that most of you morons can't seem to write at all. I know that I don't have perfect English or grammar myself, but jeez!!! It's as if you DON'T want people to have any idea what your trying to say, or that you want us to assume that you're complete dipshits.
2009-03-11 14:57:58

Severely injured my black buttocks.
2009-03-11 11:22:25

oh my god! it looks really hurt!
2009-03-11 05:37:46

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