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Monday, March 9, 2009

Murder → SMS

He murdered his girl-friend who cheated on him. Then he dismembered her body at the bathroom, captured her dismembered body on his mobile phone camera and sent the image with the SMS to his friend.

Short Message Service (SMS) is a communication service standardised in the GSM mobile communication system, using standardised communications protocols allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices.
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T garden
Balance is dead bigots wrote:
"... T garden, You go ahead and keep on thinking that you are somehow better then anyone else... "Anglo" pfft!"


I just thought of something. You were raised in Anglo culture. You live in an Anglo neighborhood. You despise the psychology of lowlife Mexicans.

Add to that, there is no Mexican race. The very idea that you are special in that you live in a "white neighborhood" is really dumb. You may be brown, but there are plenty of brown Anglos--Italians, Jews, Indians, even black Irish. Yours truly is one-quarter Chippewa.

Apparently you yourself consider Anglo culture to be superior to Hispanic! Otherwise you wouldn't protest that you aren't like those rural Mexicans.

Those American folk songs I mentioned were written for and by rural Anglos--rednecks. Even our rednecks are more civilized than Mexicans.
2009-04-17 20:24:18

T garden
Get dead Mex. I have other proof that Anglos are superior. You fuckers have a popular folk song celebrating the murder of a woman by her jealous boyfriend, but our culture has never had such a song--even though we have lots of songs about jealous and murderous lovers. All our poetry condemns such swine. A good example of this is "Tom Dooly." Then there's the song where the cheating woman is the object of sympathy: "Long Black Veil."

That's something incomprehensible to you fucking taco biters.

My favorite thing you told me was that my mother didn't love me. LOL! Any love an Anglo mother gives her son pales in comparison to that of a Mexican mother. That's what makes you fucks are so vain. I'll bet you shave your dick.

I have decided not to kill you because you are so adorable. I'll just fuck you.
2009-04-17 20:06:25

Balance is dead bigots
... T garden, You go ahead and keep on thinking that you are somehow better then anyone else... "Anglo" pfft! You have done nothing more then prove, beyond any doubt, that you are profoundly ignorant and racist. Look up the word ignorant... It's not an insult.. It's something you need to fix.

I will no longer waste anytime on you as you are no more than an expendable viral insect amongst real humans. Mr. Anglo...

May you die a slow and painful death very soon. You fucking filth. You have no right to be alive.

2009-04-17 19:50:18

T garden
El Preso Numero Nueve lyrics:

The ninth prisoner was a real man.
The night of his downfall, he went contentedly to his hut,
But when he saw his love in the arms of his rival,
Rancor arose in his breast and he was unable to control himself.
When the bell sounded, the firing squad was formed;
And from the direction of the low wall, they heard the prisoner say:
"Father, I do not repent, nor am I afraid of eternity.
I know there is God up in heaven and that He will judge us.
I am going to follow their footsteps into the hereafter."
2009-04-17 01:29:54

T garden
Balance is dead beaners wrote:
" Black, white, Asian, European, Indian, and every culture on this planet has people who are just like your father."


Bullshit. The difference between Mexicans and Anglos is this:

When an Anglo finds his wife in bed with another man, he shoots the man. When a Mexican finds his wife in bed with another man he shoots his wife.

There's an old Hispanic folk song called "El Preso Numero Nueve" about a man who finds his wife in bed with his rival and kills them both. As he is about to be executed he refuses to repent, because he feels his actions were just.

This song was a big celabration of machismo. Everybody in Mexico thought the prisoner was a real hombre. Anglos think he was a real asshole, no better than a primitive ooga-booga muslim. Come to think of it, all Hispanic culture originated from Moorish muslims. Fuck them. Fuck you too.

2009-04-17 01:19:00

Balance is dead bigots
I have met a few out dated people myself. But these kinds of people usually come from underdeveloped parts of the world. Say like... the rough outbacks of Mexico where running water and electricity are unknown to most the people. And I don't agree with old fashioned sexist ideals. go ahead and hate the ideals but don't think this is only a problem with Mexican males. Black, white, Asian, European, Indian, and every culture on this planet has people who are just like your father.


So don't say you couldn't read those capitol letters in your next response dumb fucks.

My point is that you can't label a WHOLE GROUP as the same. Doing so leaves you with no right to live in my book. Simple.

Get it?

Hate your dad.. fine with me. Hate the "person" who does you wrong. But to say that you would murder some random Mexican simply because he is Mexican is wrong and is grounds for death.
2009-04-16 18:01:19

I agree with T Garden
Go to any rural place in Mexico and not the city you'll see what I mean...they stand around in street corners whistling at woman when they pass by...its all about whose the big rooster...Oh but dont mention religion to them cause they also tend to be very religious people...LMAO
2009-04-16 15:55:49

I agree with T Garden
My dads a Mexican and he use to treat my mom like shit...I got fucking pissed at the point sometimes I myself wanted to beat the shit out of him but I coundnt for the only reason that he was my dad...Some or more over most mexican man in rural places of Mexico do grow up to be narcissitic beleive me...Thats how they act...They still have the metality of the 1950's they think that woman are only meant to have,childre,cook,clean,have no friends,and they also do not alot them to work!...its fucking pathetic...Peace!
2009-04-16 15:53:08

Balance is dead bigots
I'll keep it simple for your little mind...

I believe all humans are equal. regardless of "gender" regardless of "nationality"

When someone decides that another gender or nationality or even lifestyle is not worthy of life or respect, then they have become a disease.

I hate those who perpetuate their hatred towards those who are not guilty of anything. Just like KKK bigots burning innocent black people. Or a crips hating bloods.

Gangs, military groups, radical religious followers, political agenda warmongers, anyone who forces their fight down the throats of those that only desire peace. YOU need to fucking DIE!!! Go ahead and kill the Mexican man who raped you in your ass, but don't do the same to the Mexican father or son that had nothing to do with it. Leave them out of your fucked up mess. You fucking filthy bigot. It's that simple. And quit playing stupid, well unless... nevermind.
2009-04-16 05:05:44

T garden
(Continuation of reply to "dead bigots")

Anyway, aren't you embarrassed to perpetuate ethnic stereotypes? I mean, all sorts of people on this thread have advocated the murder of teenage girls who cheat. But who do you single out? Why the guy who advocates the murder of Mexicans!

The only apparent reason for such a cavalier attitude towards the girls is that you are a typical Mexican narcissist. You ignore the murderous anti-female sentiment and obsess over me, even to the point of naming yourself in my honor.

Such self-love. You aren't too chivalrous I guess. In spite of your oh-so-civilized airs, I'm afraid you don't quite make it as a caballero. Quit aspiring to be something you're not. Go to pimp school instead. Learn something useful.
2009-04-16 01:35:16

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