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Monday, March 9, 2009

Murder → SMS

He murdered his girl-friend who cheated on him. Then he dismembered her body at the bathroom, captured her dismembered body on his mobile phone camera and sent the image with the SMS to his friend.

Short Message Service (SMS) is a communication service standardised in the GSM mobile communication system, using standardised communications protocols allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices.
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Typical fanatical muslim behavior ... "if it disagrees with you, cut its fucking head off" what a sick psychotic lot they are.. worse than animals, these camel fuckers are the scourge of the planet,.. and I thought jews were bad.. sheeesh!!
2009-03-29 22:30:45

TRUTH...WTF are you talking about.heres a quote...shoot the fuck.....
2009-03-28 15:57:52

hey Truth ... would you please shut it... I hate sand niggers like you who live off the back of hardworking inbreds... Give those sister fucking rednecks like T garden some break.. He is busy fucking his carved pumpkins.
2009-03-28 02:00:12

Turks have long history of rich heritage and cultural values -- something that Americans lack. We turks have been war with arabs for many centuries but we will unite through Islam with muslims worldwide and we will strike your arrogant American heart with wise words and quotes from our greatest prophet Muhammed (may Allah bless him) Inshaallah...
2009-03-28 01:59:04

T garden
Truth wrote:
"hey T garden I suspect your another ignorant American with no brains but only balls inside them... Turkish are not Arabs."

I know what Turks are, shithead. They started out as an ignorant tribe of steppe niggers who worshipped spirits, ghosts and buggaboos. When they conquered the Arabs they discovered that Islam is not really any different from their own religion, so they converted in order to pacify the natives.
2009-03-27 17:34:55

12 years
2009-03-27 16:57:25

T garden
Truth wrote:
"hey T garden I suspect your another ignorant American with no brains but only balls inside them... Turkish are not Arabs. It's like saying that you redneck whites are same as russians... Turkish people have their own unique culture and Arab culture is completely different. Islam is what holds them together but even then go to Turkey, you will be surprised. Don't be talking shit if you don't fucking know you jew cock sucking zionist pig."


I like Jews, and I like rednecks, because they kill muslims. Fuck Allah, fuck Mohammed and fuck you.

Go Jews!

Go rednecks!
2009-03-27 05:59:00

i kiss skulls
that's what you get when you go with a drugged up islamic/spic...or should i say a 'mic/spic. tough luck for her, but she should have been wiser. i read she was very naive and trusting...don't trust anyone, trust yourself first and foremost
2009-03-27 02:35:58

brigar, come suck my dick, i think you are retarded shit stain
2009-03-27 00:47:57

all must go on and say things so absurdly that you want to get a comment back, thats what I hope, its a few people killing time trying to get a reaction from others,because if any one of you dipshits actually believe in the context your sending than you truly are the missing pieces for a good Jerry Springer show, I`ll take a stab here take a self evaluation
1) unemployed or a seasonal worker
2) havent graduated from high school
3) depend upon yr state to provide you with welfare $ each week and food stamps
5) generally blame others for your misfortune
6) R too stupid to actually look at what you type.
7)forgot this have yr òld lady`knocked up before 20 with yr third welfare clown or until state takes yr kids
dumb fucks............
2009-03-27 00:19:05

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