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Monday, March 9, 2009

Murder → SMS

He murdered his girl-friend who cheated on him. Then he dismembered her body at the bathroom, captured her dismembered body on his mobile phone camera and sent the image with the SMS to his friend.

Short Message Service (SMS) is a communication service standardised in the GSM mobile communication system, using standardised communications protocols allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices.
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Jack Crowe is faggot
Stealing your words?... Did you invent the word troll?... NO so shut da hell up. And yes my family WAS killed by US airstrike and I was forced to come here because of your dirty country's action by bombing and randomly killing innocent lives and bombing homes so where do we have to go?... We will go to US since US is a dirty country that bombed my house and I want USA to be responsible for it. You call me a kid?... I'm a college graduate you scumbag son of a inbred piece of redneck ass trash. At least I don't live on welfare like you scums do. So go fuck yourself
2009-03-16 20:59:20

Jack Crowe
Continued>>> If your "family" was killed in an airstrike then why are you here in the U.S.?
Aren't you a time-bomb waiting to go off on a Pizzeria here in the states? And why do you have this persistance in copying my words? I called you a troll and you copied the same exact line here. Get a life kid.
2009-03-16 20:17:22

Jack Crowe
I leave for 2 days and this cretin "jcisfaggot" racist Muslime goes around stealing my sentences. What exactly is it that you want from me?
2009-03-16 20:14:00

Jack Crowe is faggot
exactly. There is a lot of imposters here using fake names and unless we bring the IP address thing, we're not going to know who is who. And plus we moslems have much better things to do in our life than to sit around computer like redneck fucks and start talking trash behind keyboards.
2009-03-16 17:43:40

umm to me
It appears that a faceless person is getting everybody worked up with words! This site is to see people in death and pray that it isn't u! Who cares what jack, nurse or any other faceless person says, who give a shit, just leave your comment and keep it moving!

BTW: jack fagg, everyone that visit this site, is not a muslim! DID some muslim fuck you in your ass, and no you have nothing but hate for them? I am scratching my head on this one, look greasy palms, calm down and appreciate life, you dipshit
2009-03-16 12:08:16

T garden
Billy'sPurse wrote:
"You can't stand "macho" culture, yet, you're exactly the kind of liberal dipshit who contributes to their success."


Fuck you penis wart. I can understand you wanting to change the subject. You're getting creamed, but you'll only end up cornering yourself. You really are a stupid man.

I voted for Hillary because she has a serious grudge against you right-wing Bible-Thumping fucks. If she had won the election you would be in Gitmo being forced to eat her pussy while she pees in your mouth.

That's the type of hell Satan has in store for the likes of you and other swine who think it's funny and macho to kill seventeen-year-old girls.
2009-03-16 08:16:05

i want to fucking pussies.
2009-03-16 07:22:03

T garden
NurseSilly wrote:
Now go back to eating pussy and reading feminist literature and stop wasting my time pretending to be "sophisticated".


So. You don't eat pussy. That explains everything. Some black guys once told me that blacks don't eat pussy. They're too cool (as if castration anxiety was a form of coolness).

Maybe you're one of them black Irish.

Or maybe you're a Muslim. I recently found the following passage in the Holy Koran:

"Thou shalt not eat pussy. Nor shalt thou partaketh thereof, for it is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord thy God."

I still think you're a Mexican though. If you really are Irish, you are insane. I hear that hatred of ones mother causes schizophrenia or autism.

Don't be mad at your mother just because she let me fuck her in the mouth.
2009-03-16 06:39:02

hey NurseBilly?... Stop talking bullshit and shut da fuck up will ya?... You should stop posting shit here and go get a life you fucking son of a bitch.
2009-03-16 03:36:11

Jack Crowe is faggot
hey Jack crowe, i tried to reason with you and debate with you but it's apparent that your racist backward redneck fuck who is obviously a troll. I pity you. You accuse me of being Anti-american but your just as anti-muslim yourself. Me being anti-american is different story BECAUSE my family was killed in airstrike. You said you wiped off your cum with pages of quran? well guess what I did? I defecated on your American flag and wiped my ass off with another American flag... now take that you stupid sack of sister fucking redneck piece of trash.
2009-03-16 03:31:17

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