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Monday, March 9, 2009

Murder → SMS

He murdered his girl-friend who cheated on him. Then he dismembered her body at the bathroom, captured her dismembered body on his mobile phone camera and sent the image with the SMS to his friend.

Short Message Service (SMS) is a communication service standardised in the GSM mobile communication system, using standardised communications protocols allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices.
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T garden
"Whats with this Mexican shit all of the sudden? A good piece of ass got brutalized by an ARAB and all we talk about are beaners?"

All Hispanic culture was strongly influenced by Moorish Muslims. They're almost interchangeable in their attitudes towards women. I think the jerk in question was hispanic, but it doesn't make much difference.

Anyway, the difference between an American redneck and an American Mexican is this:

A redneck measures his manhood by the amount of abuse he can tolerate from a woman before he hits her. This is because rednecks need pussy.

A Mexican measures his manhood by his refusal to tolerate abuse from a woman. In other words, Mexicans don't need pussy. I guess they're all gay...

The same goes for Muslims.
2009-03-12 03:07:34

ignorance breeds stupidity
hey "Suck my Balls Medina"... If you hate middle eastern people or muslims, then that's one thing but at least get the fucking ethnicity right you fucking trailer park trash. He is Turkish TURKISH... THEY ARE DIFFERENT FROM ARAB... OKAY?... ARAB AND TURKISH... DIFFERENT PEOPLE... YOU GOT THAT HILLBILLY?
2009-03-12 03:01:31

I have just confirmed that what the Muzzies in here have been saying its true. He is not a Muslim, he was a Christian man and his family too. The reason his name is Mohammad is nothing but media lies. LOL hahahahaah. He was as Muslim as that dark butthole you Muzzies have!
2009-03-12 01:01:54

Suck my Balls Medina
Whats with this Mexican shit all of the sudden? A good piece of ass got brutalized by an ARAB and all we talk about are beaners?

2009-03-12 00:18:45

T garden
"Have you "ever noticed" how all the pussywhipped American manchildren suddenly get quiet for fear of having their asses pulverized/tiny hamster balls cut off/heads removed from their shoulders?"

stfu Nerd Billy. You're the internet-tough guy. You act all bad and macho around women and boss them around and treat them like shit just because you were born with a dick. But if you ever tried that on an American redneck--me, for instance--you would get the living shit stomped out of you.

Mexican men are all image and no substance. They're easy. And they're fucking despicable, so it's a joy to smash their oh-so-superior fat faces to a pulp.

You know, maybe I am gay after all. My biggest orgasm occurred when I was nineteen after I threw two Mexicans over bridge.
2009-03-11 23:48:02

T garden
"Ham": Sorry, you AIDS infected queer, but I'm not interested. Maybe you and "Transsexual Garden" can get together some time."

Fuck you Nurse Bile. I hate all you taco-snapping bean biters.

I like Jews though, because they kill Muslims. Go Jews! Kill a wog for the U.S.A.
2009-03-11 23:26:06

I personally think that Islam is a cult. Does anyone here agree?... I mean this is 21 st century and you have those women still draped in black cloth, the only part showing their eyes and even in Afghanistan you got women that are completely covered and the eyes by some fly swater.. what the heck?... I mean don't tell me it's cultural. Desert is hot place and you still got women wearing stuff like that. Makes you wonder what kind of culture Arab culture really is?... just messed up. So primitive too.
2009-03-11 22:34:34

legless wonder
wow....thanks for the post Nursebilly. But at least i comment on the pics and don't degenerate every image into a race battle. do you have nothing better but to insult all the posters??? you really have nothing but time on your hands. you're pathetic!! here's a free tip from someone who actually has both legs....Get a life! u r an all consuming loser! now we will leave any retaliations as you already made your comment against me, so we're even steven.
2009-03-11 22:12:26

This is a touchy subject with Muslims, because it exposes the barbaric spirit of Islam that hides just below the surface of a smiling Muslim telling you Islam is peace. I recently discussed this topic with a Muslim, who quickly lost all manners and became irate simply from asking very civil questions about it. Of course he claimed it was a “cultural issue” and not a Islamic one, but that was too easy to see through that Taqiyya…and I responded “that seems to be a half truth, in that Islam has adopted this practice from ancient arab culture prior to the birth of Islam”. Needless to say that made the conservation completely intolerable to him. Lol.
2009-03-11 21:55:36

Sayed Masri rica/brazil/2487435/Brazil-suitcase-murder-Killer- was-high-on-cocaine.html

hey Jack Crowe... the link above... and in the story, it says "Brazilian Man kills British teenager" and they refer to him by his last name "Mr Santos". Mr Santos doesn't sound arabic and doesn't sound turkish to me. Now site your sources and link it where it says he is Muslim and if you link it then I will give you credit.
2009-03-11 21:36:43

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