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Monday, March 9, 2009

Murder → SMS

He murdered his girl-friend who cheated on him. Then he dismembered her body at the bathroom, captured her dismembered body on his mobile phone camera and sent the image with the SMS to his friend.

Short Message Service (SMS) is a communication service standardised in the GSM mobile communication system, using standardised communications protocols allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices.
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David Duke
visit my website at to learn about Jews lie.
2009-03-11 19:55:58

Don't you guys know that charonboat is owned by Jews and all this insulting and fighting winthin ourselves is only making the jews laugh?... Jews see all non-jews as gentiles cattles goys shabbas goy just like Muslims will see non-muslims as infidels kuffars and such. jews are dirties of all. Deport and nuke Israel and we can easily just brush away muslims. If someone open the door and fly come in, would you blame the fly or the person who opened the door?... Think about it... Learn more at
2009-03-11 19:55:35

The murderer's behavior resemble that of typical hispanic/Brazilian... Partying, doing drugs and all sorts... A true Muslim don't do any of those. We Muslim people are very moderate and we don't resort to non-Muslim lifestyle of condulging and living a extravant lifestyle. Allah instructed us in Quran to stay moderate and be faithful to Allah not to wicked lifestyle something that hypocritical christians and westerners often do
2009-03-11 19:47:39

Qasim Ahmadi
@ Jack Crowe. You know nothing about Islam. There is no proof that this man in the pic was a muslim. Where is the fkin proof that he was muslim? You people are too quick to judge and therefore lack thinking skills. I pity you people. And stop buying into those zionist media bullcrap. Your real threat is Israel stupid. We muslims are not your enemies unless you stupid kaffirs want to make us your enemy.
2009-03-11 19:45:14

With a holiday on 8th of March! :)
2009-03-11 19:38:19

Well you make an excellent couple: Armani and Jack somethin', lol I guess in your country gay marriage is legal ? hahahaha
2009-03-11 19:37:27

FUCK U TOO. Who told you that he is muslim ? I know : no one.
2009-03-11 19:35:47

@Jack Crowe
Amen to that
2009-03-11 19:32:24

Jack Crowe
We have a grotesque picture of a young teenage girl chopped up by her Muslim "boyfriend" and all I see here is comments by Muslims attacking Christians, Jews, Hispanics, Blacks and pretty much everyone else except their own which is the arabs. Its like theres no consideration, pity, sadness, or disbelief at seeing her lying there after that demon killed her in the Islamic-Taliban style. It goes to show the world that you demons should be destroyed and yes you will be pretty soon because the WORLD is not stupid and will not fall to your lies. All of you Muslime bastards living in the states coming here to basturbate on this pic should get your IP address blacklisted and reported to NSA so that your sick asses get deported.
It may sound unbelieaveable to some non-muslims but I wish they keep this shit up with camcorders and chopping up heads cause that way people will get more and more and more pissed and at the end laws will be written to cast you demons out of Democratic countries!
2009-03-11 19:30:37

pffff go fuck urself with a jar. it's completely useless to continue this discussion with a crazy retard like you.
2009-03-11 19:28:26

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