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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brutality → Children with conduct disorder

Conduct disorder is a psychiatric category to describe a pattern of repetitive behaviour where the rights of others or the current social norms are violated. Symptoms include verbal and physical aggression, cruel behaviour toward people and pets, destructive behaviour, lying, truancy, vandalism, and stealing.

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T garden
Yuck wrote:
"I fucking hate white people. All Every White people on this planet must be beheaded slowly."


Hmmm. I only hate *some* white people. Most Mexicans are half white, and I hate Mexicans. According to the physical anthropology texts Arabs and Iranians are caucasians and I hate them for sure. In fact, the word "Aryan" is the original word for "Iranian." I also hate Nazis and southerners. I spare their lives though if they can show me they have killed a muslim.
2009-03-29 06:07:56

T garden
Ham wrote:
"hey jacktheripper you sorry ass whining liberal do REALLY make me sick and you are pathetic example of what white race can be. I'm white myself but I'm real fucking proud white boy and good southern one too..."


Shut up skinhead. I didn't give you permission to post here. I told you I hate Nazis. If I knew I could get away with it I would murder every Nazi I got my hands on. Lowlife prick.

Here's a picture of Ham killing a Jew: 678d4c8.jpg?v=0

Fucking swine.

2009-03-29 05:55:24

hey jacktheripper you sorry ass whining liberal do REALLY make me sick and you are pathetic example of what white race can be. I'm white myself but I'm real fucking proud white boy and good southern one too... Don't let this one hell of a hound fool ya because when I get my giddy and pounding on your horse ride, you can't be screaming because your ass would be crushed beneath mine.
2009-03-29 04:55:21

I fucking hate white people. All Every White people on this planet must be beheaded slowly.
2009-03-29 04:51:31

weston raulph
HAM is a word from hindi or urdu language means "we". these cruel bastards r definately from india or pakistan. probably took a life of an innocent animal just to pose for a picture. their parents should be ashamed of their birth.
2009-03-29 04:15:21

If there is something I TOTALLY dislike and hate so much, then it is these kind of people, who think its so god damn funny to mutilate and harm dogs, cats, birds and ANY other animals. It just show how harmless and lost these kind of "human beings" are.

To harm or even kill any animal, just show how scared and childish some people are. A dog cannot do any sort of self-defence, if someone pick on it. So therefor i REALLY dislike these things. I hate it even more than child murders, rapist, serialkillers and so on.

The worse thing is that where i live, people who do such things, just get to pay a bill. We do NOTHING for these poor animals. Not even put 'em to jail, like they do in America for exampel.
Its so sad..

Poor little pet.
2009-03-29 04:11:19

You know, I wonder why he picked the name "Ham?"

Maybe he was afraid of being eaten by Jews...?
2009-03-29 03:34:17

To T Garden
The post below was posted by Ham,it and I have been having a long running argument over his racist stupidityT garden
Ham the Fag Wrote.....

"hey T garden just shut up would ya you stupid ass cracker motherfucker... just shut it... go fuck your sister instead."

If you see any more posts under the name Tony k you'll know it's not me as I won't be posting here any more because of inbred retards like Ham.

Btw I challenged "it" to take the petty argument off this site and e-mail me instead,but despite "it's" bravado,the chicken shit coward still hasn't mailed me.

2009-03-29 03:16:34

and if anyone has noticed before, esp. if Ham or his henchmen start making snarky remarks on this, I do have loads of compassion for animals. that doesn't make me a Peta loving freak, not that there's anything wrong with that. But i do eat meat, and i wear leather shoes. But that doesn't mean i condone torturing animals, and my stamp is all over the Burning Cat video as well if anyone needs further proof of my disgust about animal cruelty. It may be hypocrital to some (Ham) that i have sympathy for animals but not ppl. I frankly don't care for most ppl. and thats about the meat and potatoes of the situation. This world would be even more evil than it already is if it weren't for animals restoring my faith in this planet.
2009-03-29 03:15:18

thank you m4ry!!! well said. that is something Ham doesn't get. ppl show geniune outrage and emotion when it involves something defenseless like a puppy and we have a right to be upset about it if we choose to. I'll be the first to say i'm very cynical about most things, and i don't like most ppl...but when it comes to animals, i feel they are truly blessed and they're on this earth to show us how to love and be/feel accepted. Animals have done wonders at places where ppl are disadvantaged in some way; senior homes, group homes, rehabilitative centres, etc. Lets not forget the joy and hope an animal can bring to someone's life. This poor little puppy never got that chance and its a tragic way for his life to end. May he find peace and happiness in his next life :(
2009-03-29 03:05:04

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