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Monday, March 30, 2009

Accident → US highway fatality statistics

Early estimates show that 31,110 people died on the US nation’s roads from January through October 2008 (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

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plus were they trying to relate this ¨facts¨ since it seemed that they´d got a photo from a Mexican accident and they decided to related with something about the U.S. Just check the sign of the ambulance, does it look familiar to any of you?
2009-03-31 00:37:33

Coming from can we trust these statistics?
2009-03-31 00:33:17

GO TO HELL! SON OF BITCH! Your mother is whore!
2009-03-30 23:58:54

wow, It look so delicious
2009-03-30 23:50:25

Dr. Love bottom
Yea I agree with relief. and besides it doesn't matter if your live in the city, country, or suburban area we know what animals are capable of. so hush your mouth Lauren. sshhhhhh
2009-03-30 23:35:14

haha I agree with Relief. P.S. I wish I lived in
2009-03-30 22:12:33

I am laughing because I live in rural Scotland in the middle of nowehere and keep animals- and raise chickens for eggs AND meat. I don't think you have quite followed what I have been saying!
All I was saying is that cruelty to a puppy in the hands of humans affects "ME" more than seeing dead humans- that was all.
You really shouldn't assume so much about a person you know nothing about.
2009-03-30 19:19:28

Relief, it's because you live in a city and are sophomoric and ignorant about animals. I've seen roosters eat one another's intestines out when each-other's heads were turned and wind up in a puddle of guts. Check out the dolphin rape vids on youtube. If animals don't match humans in cruelty it's only because they're dumber. But enjoy your AC, computer, and access to medical care and try not to be a hypocrite in the future. If some "animal" were the dominant species instead of humans they would monopolize too, it's called Darwinian evolution. Cruelty even happens on the cellular level.
2009-03-30 18:25:41

Yeah Mad- reckon that is the crux of it- that animals are innocent and helpless (in the main part)
Even a human being tortured knows what is going on but an animal must just feel pure fear. Sometimes I hate humans so much.
2009-03-30 15:56:19

Mad Dog
Hey Relief - humans are just sicko fuckers who do everything possible to screw themselves or anything else on this planet (including the planet). Animals most of the time don't have a choice, they don't lie, and they don't drive cars, have guns or do drugs..... shall I continue?
2009-03-30 15:38:58

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