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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Accident → Never mess with... oil-pump!

Oklahoma City teenager loses arm after oil-pump accident
February 9, 2009
A surgeon amputated a 17-year-old boy’s left arm to free him Sunday from an Oklahoma City oil pump.
Emergency responders determined they could not free the boy without jeopardizing his safety, so a surgeon was flown in on a medical helicopter to take off the arm.
The teen's name hasn't been released, and OU Medical Center spokesman Allen Poston says his family requested no information be released.
The teen and his friend were "messing with" a pump jack rig about 12:30 p.m. on an oil property at NW 104 and N Hudson Avenue when they turned it on to try to ride it, fire Deputy Chief Cecil Clay said. One of the rig’s many moving parts pinned the teen’s arm, and his friend was not able to turn the pump off.
The friend flagged down a passing taxi cab driver, Clay said.
The cab driver had previous experience with pump jack rigs and turned it off.
The surgeon amputated the boy’s arm below the shoulder, Clay said. Firefighters shielded the scene from view with red tarps as the surgeon worked.
The boy was then moved to a gurney and loaded onto the helicopter.
The teen, who had been trapped for about 90 minutes, was flown to OU Medical Center, but his condition was not known, Clay said.

Video: Download "oil_pump_accident.wmv"

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한글도 되는곳인가보네 ?
2011-05-29 09:22:18

오 한국말 ㅅㅂ 반갑 ㅋ
2011-05-09 10:54:14

On you mom
Leave the little guy alone and give a hand.
2011-04-28 13:07:36

Pain, without love Pain, cant get enough pain, that guy's arm looks rough
2011-03-22 12:17:35

the video should be called: an idiot talk
and talk non-stop
2011-03-20 22:24:51

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ사진 자세히보니까 19톤이
라고 써져있어
2011-03-09 16:06:54

2011-03-09 16:05:37

Missus Thang
I'm surprised Buceta didn't buy that arm to put in his anus, gay old school style.
2011-02-25 15:14:25

Mh his right arm looks pretty fucked up
too in the third pic. He's lucky he
didn't get his head in the machine...
Well, on the other hand, it wouldn't
have been much of a loss as people who
try to "ride an oil pump" don't seem to
have any brains anyway, lolz.
2011-02-10 07:48:55

Buceta Gato
Can I fuck your sister too? :) I am nice.
2011-02-08 03:11:57

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