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Friday, July 20, 2007

WarWWII → Hanging Belarusian Partisans in Minsk (Belarus, U.S.S.R.) on 10/26/1941 (Set One)

Three Belarusian partisans (one woman and two men) were hanged by Nazi on the Komarovskaya Square, Minsk (Belarus, U.S.S.R.) on 10/26/1941. The hanged woman was identified as Elena Ostrovskaya (she was a dressmaker and lived in Minsk). Two men (one of them was a jew) were not identified till now.

Apparently Elena tried to shelter this jewish man at her appartment and was arrested by Nazi and then hanged in public.

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hey hang on a sec thats shit man
2012-01-10 03:25:13

Putin, have U ever seen WWII documentary video files? Yes, the Russians killed and raped, but weren't they instigated by what nazi had done before?
2011-04-05 19:43:11

My name in Russian is piedor the ass gaper.
Because I can put 5 dicks in my gay asshole
2011-01-20 13:59:17

It may seem wrong, but I don't feel bad. Considering how many innocents the commies have, and still are, killing - the lousy "few" millions are not that bad. But hey, they were nazis! So they are so much worse! About 90% of these "hanging" and "shooting" pictures from Russia are soviet propaganda fakes made late/post WW2. Only Russians are retarded enough to still believe the lies of their former opressors.
2010-07-26 07:56:52

i hope she strangled slowly and gave a nice dance of
2010-05-25 14:53:56

Kraut Killer
Yes, one is an artist impression. "Stupid", at least your name fits.

Fuck you nazis
2010-05-01 18:57:48

One looks like a fucking drawing.
2010-03-23 05:57:44

fake fake fake and sloppy fakes.
2010-03-02 08:05:46

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