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Thursday, February 26, 2009

ExecutionsBeheading → Religion of Peace! (SHOCKING VIDEO!)

We only know that Russian woman who was beheaded by Chechen Muslim militants was a Russian language teacher in Grozny, Chehnya.

Video: Download "female_beheading_by_chechen.wmv"

God Bless America!
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I think this vid is bullshit because the way they cut. You can clearly see the man "holding" the girl behind the one cutting at first. As soon as they began to cut his hand went behind the release some blood colored liquid on the other side to make it seem as if they cut the girl's juggulars.
2009-05-15 17:11:45

oddest Q man
i want to go all RAMBO on their asses

2009-05-14 09:38:17

you illiterate piece of nothingness, you should be used for organ donation, and, before we take out your organs and give them to deserving Israeli's you should be made to WEEP FOR BESLAN .. weep for what the sick evil muslims did to the children of that town.

You sick, evil, twisted bag of pus - believing in the mad rantings of a dirty old man from the desert who liked fcuking young girls. Spiritual Filth thats what it is and as such you are nothing - go and Weep For Beslan. And, learn some decent English you pathetic piece of trash.

2009-05-14 07:24:54

Kill Da Chechen thick thing!
2009-05-14 01:24:56

Kill Da Chechen
and, remember BESLAN, weep for the dozens and dozens of innocent little children gunned down and bombed by the brave Islamic Chechen warriors. Weep when you see the black clad Islamic women as they set off their bombs killing the children. Weep at the Pain of Beslan. Remember always the Evils of Islam and be ready to do your duty when the time comes. Remember Beslan, and weep.
2009-05-13 00:40:56

Kill Da Chechen
sigh ...

you are rather thick you people aren't you .. I'll say it one more time .. for the benefit of the thicko's like the Malay thing and the other pratt 'Capital Asshole', the Pally's are not worth bothering about, if they behave themselves they will be left alone, if they kill a Jew they must pay at the rate of 100 to one .. they know the rates they have to pay .. you wanna play the big boys game you accept the odds .. as for the women and the kidz argument, well, they should be the FIRST to be exterminated on the basis that each and every 'kid' turns into an Islamic terrorist and the women just keep pumping them out .. that's why they gotta go first .. now then KC' wtf you on about .. be a good boy now and STFU, you sound silly! You know I am right really don't you. BTW you are way-off the mark, I'm closer than you think - and will ever know. Meanwhile keep looking out for the Islamic Virus - you certainly don't want to catch that - do you.

Sigh ....
2009-05-13 00:31:55

Capital of Equipment
To: Kill Da Chechen

What the fuck you know all about Islam and muslims?
Just change your word from 'Islamist' to 'terrorist', it caused by man's himself and there is nothing to do with religion.

No one cares about Palestinian? we cares about that people and we 'cares' lots about fucking Jewish. Jews always kill palestinian and other muslims but we just let you finish your dirty works done! Then, you will got our pay back!

2009-05-12 20:38:51

Malaysia is great country. Malaysian live in harmony multi-religion and multi-racial with peace there. You can just go to hell with your fucking nasty race and should thanks Hitler coz the Nazi don't let you nothing less.

Whatever happen to the world, I only want to wipe this ugly shit Kill Da Chechen and all his relatives away.
These shits are most dangerous virus...
2009-05-12 02:18:25

emmm.. most welcome!
Who the hell you think you are? You are totally nothing!!!
You think the world will agree with you? Jews troops killed innocent palestinian included children and women and it was happen almost everyday,
That's brutal! Palestinian with no weapons against Jews troops with complete wars equipment, just think about that... and Jewish killed for their God too? but Moses and Jesus never teach you that! it was on your own...That is stupid!

I do believe in Torah and Bible and as my american friend said: Jewish give wrong information about Islam, lied about Palestine, blamed Islam for everything, hidden their own brutality killing toward muslims so Muslims and Jewish will never ever have a fucking peace! but the time will change and just wait for our revenge. Just wait for it Kill Da Chechen and don't you ever be hardass drifter in here!

2009-05-11 22:15:47

Kill Da Chechen
KLCC,thanx for your input, however concerning those specimens, the Palestinians, they could never raise their status - they are just vile people, no-one really cares about them. The Pally's are basically human waste - they are surplus to requirements, I'm sure you will agree with me there. In fact, the world will be better off without them along with many other Islamic nations.
They only cause hardship for the rest of the world .. so KL' you may have views about the Jews but thankfully you may still see sense yet - all hope isn't lost for you K'.

REMEMBER BESLAN - and weep .. weep at the death of the dozens of children which the Chechen Islamists killed for their (your??) god. Sick Fcukers.
2009-05-11 18:38:39

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