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Thursday, February 26, 2009

ExecutionsBeheading → Religion of Peace! (SHOCKING VIDEO!)

We only know that Russian woman who was beheaded by Chechen Muslim militants was a Russian language teacher in Grozny, Chehnya.

Video: Download "female_beheading_by_chechen.wmv"

God Bless America!
Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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lol it took em forever to get the head off it took each guy a fucking minuet and then they had to stop the tape, it was not coming off ahhahah
2009-09-22 20:49:58

there mums would be so proud,three men killing a tied up woman,but them in a boxing ring with out there Satan friends they ed shit themselves,this people is cowardice in the first degree
2009-09-16 00:02:55

2009-09-14 16:34:24

These are not Muslims. They are right wing Russian racist group members targeting minorities.

PURE RACISM. Real Sickness.
2009-09-11 12:19:23


It's all a conspiracy, designed by wicked old men, to send naïve, young men to premature, untimely and pointless deaths.

It's ALL lies about how good it is there.
There ARE virgins there, BUT they're ALL hairy-assed, pot-bellied middle-aged men!.

The last genuine virgin GIRL had her 'cherry popped' way back in 1666!.
To be honest, women don't like coming to Paradise, as they don't like having to wear hijabs or burkhas.
Besides, they get to wear micro-bikinis or EVEN go 'au-natural' in Heaven.
It's a no-brainer really!.

Paradise is also expensive, the music's lousy, the food's shit, there's hardly any decent women... and the weather's fucking freezing, too!.

So next time some old Mullah tells you to "blow yourself up", in order to get to Paradise?;
Tell him to go fuck himself!.

Live your life to the full.
It's the only one you get!.
(unless you're a Hindu; In which case you get to come back again and again... like it's fucking Ground-hog day!)
2009-09-10 21:54:54

Non-muslim but give respect to the Holy-book!
If you are good Christian you should follow the Holy-Bible. If you are good muslim, you should follow the Holy-Quran and to others, you should follow your Holy-Books because Paradise is open not only to followers of a particular religion. It is open to each and everyone who leads a righteous and noble way of life.
We are God creation! The heavens, sky, universe, world.. muslims, non-muslims and all of us are God creation and.. all the Books are belongings to God! "God is Great!" (Allah Hu Akbar!)
2009-09-09 02:48:38

italiano doc
mussulmani del cazzo,,allah merda merda merda!!!!!
2009-09-09 01:17:23


Father and son, sellers of Islamic literature, burnt alive by russians!!!
On June 19, 2009 in Shamilkala (former Makhachkala) two Muslim's, father and son, Ulyudin (1959) and Khakim (1985), were kidnapped
2009-09-05 02:09:19

These are the deed of those people who lost everything due to Middle Eastern policy of America. Afganistan, Iraq, Palestine and next terget is Iran all the muslin countries are victimized. I am asking to all American citizen What was the guilt of those Iraqui Children who lost there life for nothing but lie. If the same happens to America or Britain what you will say. You say my wards that I am saying now. Leave the victimizing tendency to Muslim country you will not be harmed.
2009-09-01 16:52:50

anybody want to hook up?
2009-08-24 05:37:39

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