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Thursday, February 26, 2009

ExecutionsBeheading → Religion of Peace! (SHOCKING VIDEO!)

We only know that Russian woman who was beheaded by Chechen Muslim militants was a Russian language teacher in Grozny, Chehnya.

Video: Download "female_beheading_by_chechen.wmv"

God Bless America!
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The Truth
Fuck all this religion bullshit. Lets just all get along and make this a better place.Worry about what we have, not where were going.
2009-06-01 16:23:53

emm.. someone realized my 's' but it's OK! You can laugh for it my freind.
What can I say KDC,.. you are 'famous' in here so people still can know if you change your name!
Anyway.. am businessman and interested to your offer, how we gonna thru this?
By the way..
Weep for the children of Beslan!
Weep for the children of Palestine!
Weep for the innocent Pally's!
WTF!.. cry for the KDC, as known as Kill Da Chechen! naa...
2009-06-01 03:22:18

KDC (a k a, Kill Da Chechen)
Hi there KLcc, how's it going friend ... look mate, that's a mighty funny statement you made there - your english grammar is comming on a treat - not many people can establish a put-down as good as you just did - good stuff K'c.

So, you are OK for cash then, that's good, also, it's good to see that you are self sufficient, but, if you change your mind and need some cash - say for a new enterprise or investment then just let me know - I have plenty of the stuff.

yo man.
2009-05-31 23:08:23

Fuck you with your cash life allowance KDC!
Just keep your stupid stink brain thinks about Islam in your mind! but if you want my helps, I'll help you kill that stinks virus!
Glad have a good friend likes you Kill Da Chechen...
2009-05-31 01:15:05

What the fuck is wrong with these people?! They didn't even use an axe! You might as well use a butterknife or a CD. What in the motherfucking hell?! THERES SUCH THINGS AS GUNS. IF THOSE PEOPLE REALLY THOUGHT THEY HAD TO KILL THE WOMAN, THEY COULD'VE SHOT HER. THAT LOOKS PAINFUL.
2009-05-30 09:44:32

KL, how you goin' mate - I do hope that you are well.

I'm not going to argue with a friend ..... but, you said 'innocent Pally's' ..... there is no such thing - surely even you know that! You show me an 'innocent Pally' and I will give you an allowance for life - cash - not lead ....

anyway, as mentioned ... don't want to argue with my mate now do I .. see ya later K'c.

2009-05-28 18:32:37

that's only for politics, you pay for them to defame Islam, pay to these lightheaded militias to kill innocent people and to defame Islam. STOP FUCKING AROUND!!!
2009-05-28 15:17:16

Oh! here he comes.. my best friend once again! How are you doing friend?

Don't you change my words toward you and let's people confusing about that. Never mind!, I don't care about that coz people knows your 'good' attitude behavior anyway.. like to manipulated true story!

I don't care about Chechens terrorist but I do cares about Pally's.. sound good?
Muslims and non-muslims all around the world knows who that known as 'scum-of-the-earth' refer to.. just look how fucking Jewish brutality; always kill innocent Palestinians included women and little kids. The world knows all your dirty works and don't you pretend good!

You want help me on something? How if in Givatayim?
2009-05-28 01:14:29

whilst the Chechens and the dispicable Palestinians - otherwise known as the 'scum-of-the-earth', are busy killing innocent people so the forces of good will be extinguishing the Islamic Virus wherever it is found.

As my new best friend KLCC states the Islamics are (in KLCC's Own Words) 'That is truly BASTARD ANIMAL!' (I think he meant that 'they' are truly bastards

So, even the muslims know that Islam is the spiritual filth of the Devil Incarnate. KL come over to Tel Aviv - I will help you escape from that awful cult that has grabbed you by your gonads for so long .. so long friend, take care mate.
2009-05-26 16:32:30

Did you know a pig shit called KrashKowalski?
Fuck you stupid KrashKowalski!!! KILL YOU ALL PIG SHITS!!!
2009-05-26 03:44:42

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