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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Accident → Killer tornado in Lone Grove, Oklahoma

This is a photo of the mutilated female corpse which was found in five kilometers from Lone Grove hit by tornado.

A tornado is a violent, rotating column of air which is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud. Tornadoes come in many sizes but are typically in the form of a visible condensation funnel, whose narrow end touches the earth and is often encircled by a cloud of debris.
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Pagan Bastard
Now I understand why it's called Lone grove.
2009-05-05 09:59:32

Dave Christ
I get sloppy seconds
2009-05-03 18:20:38

Dang nabit `thar NurseBilly you just drop `yore cute-as-a-bug dress and grab `yore ankles.
Don`t mind hooking a NurseBilly goat up.
Just go weeeee lika a pig boy!
2009-05-01 05:29:27

Jew Bot
To Geshtapo:
Suck my Juden balls. When I break my UZI off in your cornhole you will be hanged like all your other losers pals.

Nuremberg Redux.

Too bad about 1945. I feel your pain. Shove off matie.
2009-05-01 05:15:29

I want anal sex
2009-04-30 20:45:42

To Jew boy:

Someday not so far, your futile race is gonna be ripped out once again and your graves will have no sign. No doubt, this time will be the last time JUDEN.
2009-04-28 07:43:59

techa nina
2009-04-26 10:55:39

id tap that ...
2009-04-24 19:57:46

thank you charoanboat to pimping mi dead girl...:D
2009-04-24 17:27:59

I fuck cathrina hurricane
2009-04-24 17:27:05

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