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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Medical → Night... at the ER

Surprisingly, this man survived.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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He's got the biggest dick.

Any volunteer for a fuck?
2009-10-22 08:22:42

Now he knows what's it like to give birth.
2009-10-20 21:57:10

caty italian
come cavolo ha fatto? incredibile!
2009-10-19 20:17:03

i heard of a case where a steel worker feel off a site and onto a 2x4 or 4x4, cant remember which., but he was treated and released with in a couple of days. and doctors said if it was not for the board slowing the fall, he would have died. and because the board was so blunt it just push the organs out of the way. are guts can do a lot of moving if they have to.
2009-10-19 18:15:57

This is very likely real and from a high speed car accident. given the affected area and blunt nature of the object, i would say there is a good chance the internal organs where just pushed out of the way and not harmed that much. also i would imagine the friction of entry would cauterize the the exposed blood vessels. limiting bleeding. i would say that the biggest risk from that wound would be infection from splinters internally. several operations where needed i am sure for cleaning up infections and repairing the hip joint. walking with help (cane, walker) in 2-4 years is my guess.
2009-10-19 18:11:32

who would want to survive that
2009-10-16 12:11:19

Gotta be fake. Either that or thats the biggest splinter I've ever seen.

2009-10-12 17:10:20

I think that's fake!
2009-10-12 11:53:29

I bet the medic in the background never saw wood that big before.
2009-10-07 18:15:09

Looks like he tried to log on to

Big mistake.
2009-10-07 18:12:56

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