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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Suicide → Suicide risk in schizophrenia

Approximately 30% to 40% of people with schizophrenia attempt suicide at some point in their lifetime. About 10% will actually die by suicide... like that man!

This suicide happened in Russia.
Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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he failed in his attempt a couple of times as I see XD
2009-05-08 06:14:41

you know what, im glad that this clown killed himself. One more shit off the face of the earth.
2009-05-07 06:48:56

The thing about the multiple stabbings, is that since schizos tend to hurt themselves, it is very likely that they may have stabbed themself multiple times before actually killing themselves. Some Schizos will pull out their hair. It's all about how the disorder makes their mind work. This is very sad.
2009-05-06 02:30:10

why this image has no color
2009-05-05 06:59:14

Pagan Bastard on a Stick
Someone forgot to call the shrink.
2009-05-04 11:17:34

(scroll down for photos)

Yesterday, I was relaxing in a local bookstore when I happened upon the latest issue of a certain "weekly" news publication. Inside, I read a very fine fine article that illustrated the importance of female responsibility and self control.
It seems some spoiled little rich girl decided to hop into her daddy's $90,000 sports car and tear ass down the freeway
like Tom Cruise in a "Top Gun" fighter jet.
Fueled by the misguided belief that women in America can get away with anything, "Little-miss-perfect" soon discovered that $90,000 worth of German engineering was more than her little fly-weight ass could navigate. Moments later, Daddy's sports car looked more like a $2 accordian after a Greek wedding dance than a high tech dream machine.
2009-05-03 20:07:44

Uncle Sam
Ok i got a cool torture idea, please comment:

You take your prisoner and make him hold a
then you take his arm with the grenade and place it
in a chamber so that when the grenade goes off it
destroys only his/her hand and arm. then you
repeat the process for every limb :D
2009-05-03 19:59:00

Dave Christ
fuckin brutal....I want to see more dead jews
2009-05-03 18:19:13

What a load of crap! Just like the rest of this website, a waste of bandwidth....and a waste of time..ta ta
2009-05-03 06:45:19

watch dancing with the stars, on mondays
this is sad
2009-05-02 15:37:27

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