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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Suicide → Suicide risk in schizophrenia

Approximately 30% to 40% of people with schizophrenia attempt suicide at some point in their lifetime. About 10% will actually die by suicide... like that man!

This suicide happened in Russia.
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why this image has no color
2009-05-05 06:59:14

Pagan Bastard on a Stick
Someone forgot to call the shrink.
2009-05-04 11:17:34

(scroll down for photos)

Yesterday, I was relaxing in a local bookstore when I happened upon the latest issue of a certain "weekly" news publication. Inside, I read a very fine fine article that illustrated the importance of female responsibility and self control.
It seems some spoiled little rich girl decided to hop into her daddy's $90,000 sports car and tear ass down the freeway
like Tom Cruise in a "Top Gun" fighter jet.
Fueled by the misguided belief that women in America can get away with anything, "Little-miss-perfect" soon discovered that $90,000 worth of German engineering was more than her little fly-weight ass could navigate. Moments later, Daddy's sports car looked more like a $2 accordian after a Greek wedding dance than a high tech dream machine.
2009-05-03 20:07:44

Uncle Sam
Ok i got a cool torture idea, please comment:

You take your prisoner and make him hold a
then you take his arm with the grenade and place it
in a chamber so that when the grenade goes off it
destroys only his/her hand and arm. then you
repeat the process for every limb :D
2009-05-03 19:59:00

Dave Christ
fuckin brutal....I want to see more dead jews
2009-05-03 18:19:13

What a load of crap! Just like the rest of this website, a waste of bandwidth....and a waste of time..ta ta
2009-05-03 06:45:19

watch dancing with the stars, on mondays
this is sad
2009-05-02 15:37:27

Hye Seo
I'm with every one else who says it doesn't make sense that this is a suicide. And what's up with all the other wounds on his head that look like stab marks? Surely he didn't stab himself in the head over and over again.
2009-05-02 04:52:41

Thousands of images of dead bodies at
2009-05-01 22:18:08

Thats n0t suicide! Oviously.. Ha! Wtf? You cant stick a blade like dat in your skull with your own force. It definitely l0oked like a Murder
2009-05-01 21:04:17

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