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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Suicide → Suicide risk in schizophrenia

Approximately 30% to 40% of people with schizophrenia attempt suicide at some point in their lifetime. About 10% will actually die by suicide... like that man!

This suicide happened in Russia.
Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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Alan Finch, sex change survivor
My story is bizzarre but interesting:

I was born male but at age 21 I took the name Helen and changed my sex and became a woman. Unfortunately during the operation I experienced 'anesthesia awareness'. In other words my brain was awake. It was the worst pain, you couldn't imagine my suffering. I felt every cut of the blade as the doctors removed my genitals. I also heard them making jokes. Every cut was excruciating. Eventually I decided to return to my birth gender but I will never regain what I've lost both physically and psychologically.

I need to know if you have a similar story. Share your story.
2014-08-22 10:49:57

DarkLord Of The Sith Darth Knightmare

I am sorry that I spent all those years posting ignorance.

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2014-06-15 08:10:58

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Bo Bendtsen, administrator
Read this message: The co-founder of this website(who was my close friend) recently committed suicide via drug overdose. The site staff members are saddened by his death. You can send your respect and condolonces by contacting us or simply by writing them in the comments section. Be sure to say something respectful. One commentator said that photos my deceased friend's body should be displayed to mock him. If I find this commentator I will cut him up and post the photo.
2014-06-03 02:49:20

Ooh wow poor him there goes he's life I should
say prevent bullying and more I'm sorry that
happened to him
2014-06-02 10:27:10

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