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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brutality → Croc

Brutally killed reptile.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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You will indeed be punished. You have been placed on the policy 14 watch list by the Obama administration. At the very least this involves customized IRS audits. It can get much worse. Keep it up sir. I am keeping notes.

2009-05-31 03:04:46

Dear "A decent person" so pictures of dead people are "groovy" ??? what rock did you crawl out from?
2009-05-31 02:14:32

.....I'm till waiting for the "FuckwadCC Rep" to punish me.
He's now twice the FUCKWAD he was when he first started.
2009-05-31 01:38:39

A decent person
Could the visitors of Charonboat time time to appreciate life, and not dedicate so much time to making these disgusting comments. Quit talking about fucking these poor dead girls. Quit saying Fuck, Shit and the like. We can make this place a decent place for all. Then maybe the Charonboat author will come back and post some more groovy stuff for us to enjoy. Got that you chickenshit assholes?
2009-05-30 22:34:01

i missed you...
i am so happy, i got friends from charonboat...
when i was absent, he/she wrote messages for saving me...
i dont know who you are,
Thank you....
2009-05-30 21:16:41

2009-05-30 09:20:16

Same Dude
True the FCC has no control over the internet further more an Ip / ISP adress would only route back to the source the link between ISP and Customer DNS server numbers only change and re route not sever it is mearly the port code from their server to your conection (sp)
2009-05-30 08:21:53

Some Dude
Applogies to all waiting for the release of new content on our site. We have had a run-in with authorities about exclusive content posted on our site and therefore facing law charges.

Please be patient as we are trying to "fix" the problem. If the site is not up and running with new content by the 5th of June 09 we are not re-opening it at all.


Mr. Shaun Charon

Thats a previous post... Why would the admin post such an important topic inside a thread, also The last name of Charon is the site name and in the history link it clearly shows that the name Charon was the name of the ferry man that travelled between here and Hades. nice try Fur fag... hah HHAHA HAHA Lulzzzzzzzz
2009-05-30 08:17:57

Cum no usa and russia
2009-05-30 08:03:51

We will beheaded any one who write stupid comment
2009-05-30 08:02:37

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